Nijaz Skenderagić, Vice President of SABNOR: People are fed up with nationalistic groups

We can no longer stand that whenever they cough in Belgrade and Zagreb, we in B&H get pneumonia. It is perfect time for adequate therapy.


Skenderagić: Whole nations are poisoned

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Long live Bosnia and Herzegovina, our homeland! Death to fascism - freedom to people!

With these words, Nijaz Skenderagić, Vice President of the Alliance of Antifascists and Veterans of the People’s Liberation War in B&H (SABNOR), started conversation for "Dnevni avaz" regarding November 25th, the Statehood Day of B&H.

Historical context

On this day 77 years ago, on the night between 25th and 26th of November, 1943., the First Session of the National Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of BiH (ZAVNOBiH) was held in Mrkonjić-Grad.

- ZAVNOBiH reminds me of generations that lived in peace and freedom in B&H, when every new day was better than the previous one. Railways, factories, roads, hospitals, schools and universities were built. Whole world knew about Tito, with Yugoslavian passport we crossed all borders, we were proud of our sports results ... And, most importantly, young people back in the day had an irreplaceable advantage over their peers. They had hope, which is not present today - says Skenderagić.

He adds that young generations today do not even know what ZAVNOBiH is, and its decisions and historical context in which they were made sound incomprehensible to them, because their lives have nothing to do with it.

- To believe is that ZAVNOB&H and Charter of Ban Kulin are a sufficient and lasting guarantee of the survival of B&H, while doing nothing to solve the problems that are destroying the country from within, including the accumulated hatred that has poisoned entire nations, is a delusion whose price may be too high - said Skenderagić.

He reminds of the first principle of ZAVNOB&H Declaration, and that is the equality of Serbs, Muslims and Croats in B&H, which is their common and indivisible homeland.

- Today, B&H is in general mess and consciously created chaos, so that individuals and groups around them can more easily manage our lives. We must return to the ideals of B&H deliberated by ZAVNOB&H. Regardless of the resistance and destruction from some parts of the country, and our neighboring countries where this most significant event in the B&H recent history is underestimated.

Politicians who do not recognize this date deny all the values it carries, ranging from anti-fascism to equality and equity. They want to change the history. To make heroes out of criminals. In schools, children learn that Chetniks and Ustashas are war heroes, and partisans are shown to them as war criminals. It is no wonder that children, when they grow up, have distorted opinions - Skenderagić thinks.

 Familiarly suitable

According to him, we in B&H are especially sensitive to the policies and attempts to relativize the Chetniks and Ustashas, as well as their allies.

- We must oppose such attempts much more decisively and courageously. We need to show them that there will always be far more people who love and will always love this country. Because &iH is our only homeland. With the results of the local elections came hope for the better tomorrow. I am personally glad to learn that people are fed up with nationalistic groups and everlasting politicians, that they want change. I want to believe that people who love their country are coming to the political scene.

People who prefer their profession rather than political and familiarly suitability. Holders of political functions who will know how to oppose the acts of neighbors. We can no longer stand that whenever they cough in Belgrade and Zagreb, we in B&H get pneumonia. It is perfect time for adequate therapy.We need government that loves its country and protects its citizens, who wants us to survive, that believes in the future, we could do anything - concludes Skenderagić.

Ideology of blood and dagger

Skenderagić pointed out that certain interest groups are no longer the only ones trying to revitalize fascist crimes in this area, but, as he says, unfortunately, the governments of our neighboring countries are doing the same. 

-Well, it turns out that Chetniks and Ustashas were anti-fascists. Unfortunately, in B&H as well, on many streets, squares, schools, colleges, homes, the names of the degenerates of their own nations are showing off, it's the ideology of blood and dagger. Many horiffic personalities emerged from the darkness - said Skenderagić.


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