Begović: Hadžikadić held political rallies in mosques in the USA

I would ask him under what circumstances he tried to carry out a political campaign in American mosques in the past, says Begović.

Filip Mursel Begović. ARHIV

Piše: H. J.

After the statement of the leader of the „Platforma za progres“, Mirsad Hadžikadić, within the campaign for the local elections in Mostar and the abuse of religious institutions, in which the magazine "Stav" was mentioned, its editor-in-chief Filip Mursel Begovićreacted on Facebook.

- Considering Mirsad Hadžikadić's public announcements that political propaganda was carried out in mosques in Mostar through the weekly newspaper „Stav“, I invite him to give an interview in the next issue of „Stav“. One of the questions I would ask him as the editor-in-chief would certainly be the circumstances under which he tried to conduct a political campaign in American mosques in the past - says Begović.

Since forming his party, Mirsad Hadžikadić has given a series of political appearances at Islamic Community facilities in the United States, promising organizers that it would be professorial and non-political lectures, Hadžikadić said.

- These gatherings, alleged lectures, turned into political speeches, after which the leaflets or pamphlets of the „Platforma za progres“ were distributed to those present. I wonder if this makes Mirsad Hadžikadić a hypocrite by civic and secular standards? Furthermore, does this make him a hypocrite according to the provisions of honorable Islam while in the harem of the Mostar mosque he devalues one media contribution to the patriotic forces that want a European Mostar? Also, the sermon of the respected Mufti Dedović was read in all mosques in Mostar, and in it the Mufti explicitly called for "voting according to conscience", and not for any coalition or party," he says.

After all, he sent the same message in the thematic issue of "Stav", which Hadžikadić publicly calls out or accuses, he adds, along with the mufti in "Stav", interviews, statements and columns were given by dozens of other Mostar citizens, prominent and recognized cultural, religious, economic sports and political life of the city on the Neretva.

Also, on this occasion, I would like to point out that in one of the texts in 'Stav' it was analytically determined that Mirsad Hadžikadić cannot achieve a result that would lead to winning council seats in Mostar, so that votes for his party can be immediately thrown down the Neretva river, none of them will benefit, but the pro-Bosnian parties gathered around the Koalicija za Mostar 2020 and BH blok Mostar will be harmed. Furthermore, we stated, this time from the point of view of morality, that the patriotic act of Mirsad Hadžikadić would be not to aggravate the position of Bosniaks in Mostar, not to aggravate the position of the list of the Koalicija za Mostar 2020 and the list of BH blok that have chances. His answer to 'Stav' has obviously come and is proportional to the amount of patriotism he nurtures - concluded Filip Mursel Begović.