Dodik: Banja Luka is a Serbian city, the new High Representative should not even come

They have nothing to look for in Banja Luka, the phrase that Banja Luka belongs to everyone is a lie, said Dodik

A. Jamaković

Dodik: The High Representative is not welcome

Foto: O. Matavulj

Milorad Dodik, Chairman of the Presidency of B&H, in today's address to the media after leaving the hospital where he was placed due to the coronavirus, also commented on the election of a new High Representative in B&H.

On that occasion, he reiterated his usual views on the presence of foreign diplomats in B&H and stated that "Banja Luka belongs only to those who live in that city, ie Serbs."

The United States made a mistake

- RS has signed Annex 10 of the Dayton Agreement, thus determining the manner in which the High Representative is elected. RS is against the High Representative, regardless of who he is and what his name is. We don't need it, we will be against it, as far as we are concerned, HR doesn't even have to come. It is not welcome as far as we are concerned. RS believes that everything with the High Representative and the Constitutional Court was a hoax and punishment of RS, and that this will certainly lead to the outcome in B&H, which many are trying to incriminate. I listened to Izetbegović about how Biden will allegedly come here and settle something, so the entities and cantons will disappear, and I think that Bosnia and Herzegovina will disappear and Republic of Srpska will remain, be a state that has the right to exist because it is the will of the people. who live here - said Dodik.

He added that it was a good opportunity for the newly appointed President of the USA, Joe Biden, to understand "that they made a mistake 25-30 years ago and that they should have allowed Bosnia and Herzegovina to be divided then".

The story of the secession of RS

- To have three states, Republic of Srpska, "Herceg-Bosna" and Bosnia. And to try to build a common neighborhood that would surely give more results. The time for such a decision is sure to come. Bosnia will fall apart sooner than Republic of Srpska will be abolished. Now we are going to celebrate our holiday, January 9th. I do not want anything bad for any Muslim, nor for Izetbegović, nor do I want to comment on their ambitions about the Republic of Srpska, the cantons ... I want to say that these stories are intended, they have nothing to ask for in Banja Luka, just as I have nothing to ask for in Sarajevo. There are no more of my people there, as there are minimal people here. This phrase that Banja Luka belongs to everyone is a lie. Banja Luka belongs to those who live here, and Serbs live here, and this is a Serbian city no matter what anyone said - said Dodik.

He said again that RS would have the opportunity to achieve independence, this time with the help of Biden.



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