Gjenero for "Avaz": Will Trump be tried for conspiracy or will he escape sanctions

That is why we have to wait for the outcome and see if Trump will be the first American president to be tried after his term for conspiracy against the democratic order

Gjenero: The strike was well organized. Archive

M. Aščić

Donald Trump, after an unsuccessful attempt to falsify election results and incredible pressure, primarily on Republican officials in the states where he lost the majority, decided to attempt a coup with the help of his paramilitary forces, which irresistibly resemble Hitler's stray in brown uniforms, lumpenproletarian SA, says for Avaz “political analyst from Zagreb Davor Gjenero, commenting on the events in the USA.

Consolidated democracy

- Trump's "Proud Boys" tried to break into Congress on his orders, with the intention of preventing declaring Joe Biden's election victory. Trump's coup was seriously organized to the same extent that Trump is a serious political and public figure. The evil clown could not organize anything other than a grotesque coup - he believes.

He stressed that America is a consolidated democracy that has not disintegrated after four years of Trump destroying democratic mechanisms.

- The system works and it is not possible to overthrow it the way Milošević overthrew the democratic order in Serbia and Montenegro. Democratic institutions that have electoral legitimacy do not just fall under the pressure of usurpers. Now is the time for the democratic institutions to start treating usurper the way they deserve it: as a conspirator, even an internal terrorist. It is unlikely that Vice President Mike Pence will show so much political dignity that he will implement the constitutional mechanism of removal from the Office of the President who is no longer mentally, character-wise, capable of performing the presidency - Gjenero pointed out.

Gjenero: What will happen now. Archive

He believes that there is not enough time for the Congress to carry out the procedure of recalling the president, in the remaining 13 days of Trump's mandate.

- That is why we should wait for the outcome and see if Trump will be the first American president to be tried after his term for conspiracy against the democratic order, or if in the days available to him he will be able to find a state that would give him refuge and allow him to escape . It is clear that the escape to Scotland, which he planned, is no longer possible, because even Boris Johnson would not receive him in this situation, and the escape under Putin's lap, which is a logical solution, is still not logistically possible to organize - he pointed.

Let them get rid of the usurper

The Republican Party will have the greatest benefit from the fact that Trump tried a coup that grotesquely failed, as he emphasizes.

- Admittedly, in the coming years, Republicans will be a kind of pariah in democratic institutions, but the fact that Trump exceeded the measure that the democratic order can tolerate, allowed Republicans to get rid of the usurper, the tyrant who imposed himself on the party and stifled any democratic impulse - says Gjenero .