Businessmen blocked traffic due to the renovation of the Crnaja tunnel

They are dissatisfied because an alternative route has not been provided and in this way, they say, their business will be endangered

M. Smajkić

Due to the announced reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel, today businessmen from Jablanica, but also Konjic and Mostar, blocked the main road M-17, Mostar - Sarajevo for 15 minutes.

Businessmen are asking for firm written guarantees from the PE "Roads of FB&H" and the Government of FB&H about how long the suspension of traffic will last during the execution of works.

Ahmedin Šabanagić, the director of "Autoprevoz" Mostar, said that this road was a lifeline for them.

- Our business depends on that, any delay longer than 15 minutes will mean double costs for us - he said.

Jusuf Džafić, president of the Association of Businessmen of Jablanica, said that today it was shown that this is not only a problem of businessmen from Jablanica, but also of Konjic and Mostar, which together represent more than 1,000 businessmen.

-If the delays will be two hours, then let them tell us- he said.



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