Čampara testified in Court of B&H: ISA works for SDA interests, Mehmedagić participates in party personnel policy

I am not hiding behind any reports, nor is it true that I am a foreign spy, but I want to point out the illegal actions of ISA

M. Aščić

Aljoša Čampara, the Minister of Internal Affairs of FB&H, said this morning in the continuation of the trial of Osman Mehmedagić, the director of ISA, and Muhamed Pekić, an employee of this agency, that the Intelligence Service of B&H was privatized and worked for the interests of the SDA political party.

Čampara, a Prosecution witness in the case in which Mehmedagic is being tried for abuse of office, said "it is not normal for the OSA director to participate in the SDA's personnel policy", pointing to the indictee's ties to the party leadership.

Čampara confirmed in Court that his advisor Mirela Bubalo informed him of the information that two ISA employees had submitted anonymous criminal charges against director Mehmedagić.

Criminal charges

The witness himself confirmed that an anonymous criminal report came to the address of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which he then forwarded to the jurisdiction of the Federal Police Administration (FPA).

As he said, everyone has the right to file a criminal complaint, and it is true that he told Bubalo, through his advisor, Amina Ohranović, not to worry because she did nothing illegal.

- Illegal things were done by those who abused their position and had the exempt footage from the Post Office published on the portal. - said Čampara.

Witness Čampara said that by publishing the identity of Councilor Bubalo and discrediting her in the media, the goal was to reach him because he spoke publicly about scandals that shake the party, abuses of the ISA director ..., because it was thought he had endured it.

- I don't know why filing a criminal complaint is a blow to the state. Everyone has the right to submit it - said Čampara.

Abuse of position

- I do not hide behind any reports, nor is it true that I am a foreign spy. Whoever did whatever, let the institutions determine, but I want to point out publicly the illegal actions that were done by publishing the recordings on certain portals - said Čampara.

He also said that everyone who came in contact with him was satanized and that his friend from SIPA, Adis Drnda, felt it best on his skin, and he immediately became the subject of security checks.

I also know that they sent that Kalimero, who was hired by ISA to take pictures of me in pubs - he added.

He also told an interesting detail about the police commissioner of the SC Ministry of the Interior, Nusret Selimović, regarding the anonymous report against director Mehmedagić, which also came to this address.

- Commissioner Nusret Selimović called me and said that director Mehmedagić called him and told him that they knew who submitted that anonymous report. He told me that he was angry with him for sending the report to the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, and not to the Prosecutor's Office of SC - stated Čampara.

This morning, ISA employee Ibrahim Međedović and Čampara's advisor Mirela Bubalo were questioned in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She stated that she had filed criminal charges against the accused Mehmedagić and journalist Avdo Avdić, said due to abuse of office.

- After the video was published in the media where it was claimed that I was exposed to a public lynching, my husband lost his job. That is why I filed a criminal complaint against Mehmedagić and journalist Avdić. In addition, I am a collateral damage in the relations between Mehmedagić and Čampara.

She claimed that Čampara had warned her that anything could happen, given his political status in the SDA and the conflict with the ISA director, but that she did not expect such attacks.

Gave it to the employee

She said that she was given an anonymous criminal report by two ISA employees, who she knows from sight, because they work in the same building as the headquarters of this agency.

- I am asking for criminal prosecution and compensation for all that was done to me, and I filed a criminal complaint against Mehmedagić in the same post office that they claimed I was in and sent the reports - said Bubalo.

She added that she suffered fear after her identity was published in the media with allegations that she had filed charges.

- After my information, address and exact map of the road to my apartment were published on the portal of Osman Mehmedagić's friend, Avdo Avdić, I started receiving various threatening messages. From having to rape and slaughter me onwards. This was done by SDA bots and people close to the accused Mehmedagić. I also had insomnia and got a stress allergy. I contacted a doctor and a psychiatrist. I survived a real lynching - said Bubalo.

Witness Međedović, otherwise the head of the ISA Counterintelligence Department, whose superior is the ISA Deputy Trifko Buha, also confirmed that a hybrid war and secret operations were being waged against the ISA.

He confirmed that ISA had obtained information through operational information that someone had filed a criminal complaint against the director of ISA and that they were thought to be employees of this agency. He said that all operations were approved by the general director - Osman Mehmedagić, but he did not answer why no investigation was launched to determine how the footage from ISA leaked and who submitted it to the media.



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