Bakir Izetbegović: Over cup of coffee, I will talk to Čović about the new FB&H Government and the Election Law

I think it is high time to progress, said Izetbegović

M. Smajkić

From today's signing of the joint statement on the plan of priorities for accelerating the process of European integration

Foto: M. Smajkić

After signing a joint statement in Mostar on the Plan of Priorities for Accelerating the European Integration Process, Bakir Izetbegović told reporters that he would "have acup of coffee with HDZ leader Dragan Čović.

- I am very interested in accelerating the European path in the first place. I do not intend to talk about the establishment of government in Mostar, as they say "talk about Mostar in Mostar". So, that's what the people of Mostar should do. The presidents of the two parties should not talk about it, but about accelerating the European path that has been stalled for a year and using this chance that we got by signing this document, make significant strides and catch up with what we missed last year - said Izetbegović .

He said that he would discuss the amendments to the Election Law with Čović at the moment when progress is being made in the formation of the FB&H Government.

- I think it is high time to make progress and that will be the topic of conversation right now over cup of coffee - said Izetbegović.

Asked whether he expects pressure from the international community regarding the formation of the FB&H Government and the appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court, Izetbegović said that it is not possible to talk about changes to the Law and the Constitution without respecting the Constitution and the Law.



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