Mašović-Gowen: Expand cooperation between B&H AF and Maryland National Guard

The partnership dates back to 2003

H. J. I. / Fena

Colonel General Senad Mašović

Foto: B&H Ministry of Defense

Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of B&H, Colonel General Senad Mašović, talked with the Commander of the Maryland National Guard, Major General Timothy Gowen.

During the video meeting, they discussed the degree of implementation and efficiency of the current cooperation between the Armed Forces of B&H and the Maryland National Guard, as well as the possibilities of expanding cooperation through joint activities with civilian authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General Mašović informed the Commander of the Maryland National Guard about the role and engagement of the B&H Armed Forces in difficult situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and the continuity in carrying out its activities in accordance with the legally defined mission and tasks.

General Gowen expressed gratitude to the B&H AF as a partner for the successful implementation of all aspects of cooperation of the State Partnership Program (SPP) between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the US state of Maryland in the past period, and stressed the strong commitment of the US state of Maryland and the National Guard in providing support to the B&H AF in the process of further activities of the reform of the B&H AF, building and developing operational capabilities and capacities as well as in the process of transition of the B&H AF on the way to full membership in NATO.

The partnership between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the US state of Maryland dates back to 2003 and was established to increase the interoperability of the B&H Armed Forces with the US Armed Forces, and to provide assistance and support to democratic institutions and state bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced the Press Service of the B&H Ministry of Defense.



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