In Tuzla, number of migrants slightly decreased in January compared to December

The largest number of them comes from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries

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Picture taken at today's session

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By the decision of the Government of Tuzla Canton, the remaining part of the funds that the canton received from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of almost 19 million KM, was directed to the main account within the Single Treasury Account.

The dominant part of the funds will be used to finance social protection rights and supplementary rights in the field of veteran-disability protection.

The Minister of Finance of TC, Vedran Lakić, pointed out that they did not want to spend those funds on salaries or material costs, but on what is most expedient.

-We have included these costs in order to justify the funds to the FB&H Government as soon as possible and in order to create conditions for the next tranche of funds from the IMF, if that is the case- Lakić explained at the press conference.

Among other things, the cantonal government accepted the Information on the current situation regarding migrants for January 2021.

Officers of the Police Administration found and registered 173 migrants, who did not have identification documents or a certificate of expressed intention to apply for asylum.

-In the same period, 26 security-interesting events and six criminal acts committed by migrants, robbery, theft, aggravated theft of seal injuries and other were reported- said the spokeswoman of the TC Police Administration Amra Kapidžić at a press conference after the Government session.

Speaking about the country of origin, she emphasized that the largest number of migrants come from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries.

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