Tegeltija: B&H deserves EU candidate status

He talked today with Ambassador of France to B&H Christine Toudic

H. J. I. / Fena

Christine Toudic and Zoran Tegeltija

Foto: Fena

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija talked today with Ambassador of France to B&H Christine Toudic about current political and economic issues in B&H and the world.

The officials assessed that the political relations between the two countries are very good and without open issues, but that there is room for enhancing economic cooperation, given the strength of the French economy and the investment potential of B&H.

Tegeltija pointed out particularly good cooperation in the field of culture, assessing that the long-term cooperation of French regions and cities with local communities in B&H contributes to the development and strengthening of friendly ties through various cultural, economic and educational contents.

He briefed Ambassador Toudic on the current political and economic situation in B&H, the European integration process and the priorities of the Council of Ministers, and stressed that B&H deserves candidate status, expressing the expectation that France, as a friendly country, understands and supports the position, B&H Council of Ministers announced.


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