Confession of Nesad Džaferović: Disciplinary prosecutor Alena Kurspahić released her father, who killed mine!

Reason for loyalty to Osmica in overthrowing Gordana Tadić and preventing the discovery of Dženan Memić's killers is revealed

E. Trako
  • Džaferović i Kurspahić-Nadarević: Nesad is pinning his hopes on prosecutor Tadić

    Džaferović i Kurspahić-Nadarević: Nesad is pinning his hopes on prosecutor Tadić

    Foto: Avaz

"Daily avaz" will publish an exclusive confession of Nesad Džaferović from Sarajevo in tomorrow's issue, in which he talks about the details of the murder of his father Salko, as well as the cover-up that followed, and whose main actors are individual judges, prosecutors, intelligence officers...

Maid of honor

On September 19th, 2013, Salko Džaferović was killed by a car in Sarajevo by Zaim Kurspahić, the father of the Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor of B&H, Alena Kurspahić-Nadarević.

Nesad Džaferović, eight years after his father's death, told "Avaz" that he has been fighting for justice for years. Unfortunately, to no avail. Zaim Kurspahić was not criminally liable.

- Zaim's daughter Alena Kurspahić-Nadarević is the chief disciplinary prosecutor, and Dalida Burzić, the former chief cantonal prosecutor, is her maid of honor - Nesad reveals for "Avaz", talking about the reasons for not conducting an investigation into his father's death.

The Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office, according to a matrix reminiscent of the case of Dženan Memić's murder, refuses to conduct an investigation against Zaim Kurspahić, who killed Salko Džaferović in the Sarajevo neighborhood Stup while driving a Cherokee jeep and hitting him on the sidewalk.

Nesad says that he reported everything to the Office for the Fight against Corruption of the Sarajevo Canton.

- Eric Larson is now an anti-corruption advisor in the Office - says Džaferović and adds that he has already received an answer from the Office - they have formed an independent body to investigate everything related to his father's death.

Nesad emphasizes that he will also report to the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, headed by Gordana Tadić, and that he has previously contacted Muriz Memić, the father of the murdered young man Dženan.

After five years, prosecutor Tadić intensified the investigation in the "Memić" case, as well as "Dragičević". This is exactly what encourages Nesad, who, after eight years of covering up, hopes only for prosecutor Tadić and believes that she will launch an investigation into the murder of his father from the deadlock, just as she did in the "Memić" and "Dragičević" cases.


- So far, I have not reported to the State Prosecutor's Office. I see some changes happening. I have nothing more to lose - adds Nesad Džaferović.

Kurspahić-Nadarević was actively assisted by the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency, Osman Mehmedagić Osmica, in the case of covering up and avoiding prosecuting her father. This also reveals the reason for Kurspahić-Nadarević's loyalty to Mehmedagić in overthrowing prosecutor Tadić and preventing the discovery of Dženan Memić's killers.

Kurspahić-Nadarević is part of the political-intelligence-judicial-prosecutor octopus. Mehmedagić, who is under numerous investigations and indictments, plays a key role in court proceedings and prosecutorial charges. He has the help of his friend, the President of the Court of B&H Ranko Debevec, in everything.

At the same time, Kurspahić-Nadarević, as the main disciplinary prosecutor, has been keeping   in the drawer for more than a year, a thickly documented report against Debevec for hiding his identity, not declaring assets worth millions abroad in his property card, and legally inadmissible possession of dual citizenship of Spain and B&H.

Why Avdo Avdić never published the story

Nesad Džaferović told our paper that half a year ago he carried documents to the journalist Avdo Avdić to publish the story. Avdić never did that.

- A man from Bugojno called me and said that he (Avdić, op. cit.) was with them, that he was good with Osmica (Osman Mehmedagić, op. cit.) - says Džaferović.

(Read more in tomorrow's print edition of "Daily Avaz")


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