"Memić" case: Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will request two more months of detention for Dupovac and Mutap, there are new suspects accused for hiding evidence

As "Daily avaz" finds out, the acting prosecutor will file a motion to order custody for the new suspects as well

Miralem Aščić

Dupovac and Mutap: Arrested on February 1st


The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina will send a proposal to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina no later than Monday to extend the custody of the suspects Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac, who are suspected of organized crime, ie covering up the murder of young Dženan Memić, for another two months, as „Avaz“ portal found out.

At the end of February, their detention was extended for two months, and it expires on April 30. They are in custody in Vojkovići.

Dupovac and Mutap were remanded in custody first on February 1st and then on March 26th due to the danger that they could influence witnesses or conceal evidence while at large, but also due to public harassment.

Zijad Mutap, the father of Alisa Mutap, the ex-girlfriend of the murdered Dženan Memić, with whom she was together in „Great alley“ in Ilidža at the time of the accident, and Dupovac, the former head of the SC MUP Traffic Accident Department, were arrested by SIPA on February 1st by order of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H.

The Prosecutor's Office of B&H has announced the extension of the investigation to several more persons, and as "Daily avaz" has learned, the acting prosecutor will submit a motion to order custody for these persons as well.

According to prosecutor Ćazim Hasanspahić, five witnesses have already asked for protection.

The Prosecution will soon announce which persons will be remanded in custody and are suspected of concealing evidence.


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