Konaković for "Avaz": The first meeting on the grand coalition of the opposition next week, this is the answer to Dodik and Izetbegović

People expect us to respond to these policies of fear with a policy of hope, says Konaković

Miralem Aščić

Konaković: We should be discussing important topics, not war

Foto: Avaz

Elmedin Konaković, the leader of the People and Justice, told the "Avaz's" portal that he is hoping that the first working meeting of the „Trojka“ leaders with the opposition parties from RS would be held next week, in order to agree on a grand coalition of the opposition at the state level.

- At that meeting, we should already discuss everything in general, and then maybe agree on the dynamics of possibly more serious talks. What is important is that we have seen the reactions of political leaders on both sides and that people are overwhelmed by this concept of politics in which Milorad Dodik, Bakir Izetbegović and Dragan Čović do it in their own way - says Konaković.

He emphasized that the idea of establishing a coalition is a natural reaction of most people in B&H.

- Especially after Dodik and Izetbegović have so far most brutally sharpened that political scene in B&H with Dodik's announcements of a peaceful break-up, until Izetbegović's reaction to heading an army that would go to war. People from us, and what they expected from the opposition, is to respond to those policies of fear with a policy of hope. I think that reaction is justified. We reached to each other very quickly, Kojović, Nikšić and I, and talked about it. It was normal to react in that way. On the other hand, I saw that the RS opposition and several leaders, including Fahrudin Radončić, reacted in a similar way. Somehow it seems to me that these are two sides now. That we want important topics for citizens to be put in the foreground, and that Dodik and Izetbegović would talk about it in such a war-mongering way and scare people in a country from which an entire city leaves and disappears every year - says Konaković.


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