The Prosecutor's Office of B&H has evidence about helpers: Who will go to prison because of Osmica

It is a matter of days when the investigating authorities will knock on the doors of the people who helped Osmica get a fake diploma

Miralem Aščić

Mehmedagić and Prcić

Foto: Avaz

The Prosecutor's Office of B&H is concluding the investigation in the "Diploma" affair, which refers to Osman Mehmedagić, the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA) of B&H.

For the head of ISA, whose mandate expired in November 2019., was officially determined to have met the conditions for retirement four months ago and that, according to the force of law, he had to retire.

Property gain

However, this is now the second part of the job for the Prosecution, which is already familiar with this information and the fact that in this way Mehmedagić, who has already been tried for abuse of office, acquired illegal property gain of more than 20,000 KM.

However, when it comes to the diploma investigation, apart from Mehmedagić, who has been under the scrutiny of prosecutors for almost two years, because it is suspected that his diploma is not valid, the investigation also includes several persons who directly or indirectly helped the ISA director to obtain a university degree diploma.

It is a matter of time who will be questioned in the Prosecutor's Office, and who will be arrested by the members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA). Dozens of witnesses have already been questioned, who have confirmed what they did and how they did it and according to whose instructions.

The Prosecution's evidence is irrefutable for the time being and speaks in favor of the fact that Mehmedagić did not legally obtain the diploma which he handed over to the Commission for Supervision of the Work of the ISA, and then declared it a secret.

In fact, the diploma of the American University in Sarajevo, whose founder and director is Denis Prcić, and which was allegedly obtained by Mehmedagić, appeared among the documents of this institution overnight, after the investigation of the Prosecutor's Office.

Forged handwriting

Everything was done in an illegal way because the name of Mehmedagić was subsequently entered in the list of students and in the Record of Register Books.

A special proof of this is that the pages were torn out, and then new ones were inserted, with a forged handwriting, which was found and confiscated by the Prosecution. Prcić knew about all these illegal actions, and the statements of the witnesses, who acted on his orders, confirm that.

How he paid for the house and the car

The prosecution is still investigating how Mehmedagić paid for the house he bought in the Hrasno neighborhood from Šaćir Čedić, the owner of the Vatra cafe chain in Sarajevo.

Mehmedagić did not withdraw money from the account for this property, which he paid 116,000 KM in 2017. He did not withdraw money from the account for the vehicle he bought from Asim Sarajlić for his wife Amela Šehović.


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