Video / Key evidence of the murder of young man Dženan Memić: What does the video from the mosque hide?

Dženan's BMW was filmed in Lužani at exactly 09.28.28 PM on February 8th, 2016, and the first call to the police and the Emergency Room was made the same night at 10.47 PM

Admir Aljimi

The key evidence of the cover-up of Dženan Memić's murder is in the possession of the "Avaz" editorial office, and its authenticity has been confirmed to us from several different sources. Namely, this is a video from the fateful night of February 8th, 2016, which was taken from the video surveillance of the mosque in Lužani. It is clear that Dženan's BMW, a gray metallic color, in which Alisa Mutap is, passes by the mosque in Lužani at exactly 09.28.28 PM.

This means that more than an hour has passed since Dženan and Alisa met before the first report to the Emergency Room and Police, which, as far as Dženan is concerned, was done only at 10.47 PM, as evidenced by audio recordings from the ambulance system, which the "Avaz" portal previously published.

Eyewitnesses were ignored

Investigators ruled out the possibility of inaccurate time stamp from the camera, as far as summer and winter time is concerned, and the timing is supported by the statements of several witnesses who saw Dženan and Alisa walking by the fountain at around 9.30 PM and "had the impression that they were arguing".

The Sarajevo Prosecutor's Office had this recording, but it never used it in the investigation, indictment, or during the main trial of Ljubo and Bekrija Seferović. The question is why no one paid the attention to this key piece of evidence, and this will certainly be determined by the Prosecutor's Office of B&H.

Namely, this video casts a shadow on the exact time of the report to the police that Dženan was injured in relation to the real time when he was injured.

  • The gray BMW, driven by Dženan Memić, was recorded by a video surveillance camera

    The gray BMW, driven by Dženan Memić, was recorded by a video surveillance camera

    Foto: Avaz

The time of the call to the Sarajevo Emergency Room is also in question (a member of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of B&H calls the Ambulance at 10.37 PM and says that the "girl hit a tree with a car").

The man (Dženan) is mentioned in this communication only 10 minutes later, at 10.47 PM, when the head of the DKP shift informed the ambulance that "the man was seriously injured". The unfortunate young man was brought to the Emergency Room at 11:13 PM.

Dženan Memić passed away on February 15th at 4.45 AM, and the family was notified at 6.30 AM.

As a source close to the investigation revealed to us, the theory about the whole case is completely changing.

If we take into account the statement of the late doctor Alija Čelja, who operated on Dženan, in which he says: "We could help the young man if he was brought earlier", many more people are suspected, because in that hour hemorrhage in the brain and swelling of brain tissue they brought Dženan's body to a condition that was irreparable, despite the operation that was done upon admission. Namely, time is crucial in this case, claims our source.

  • Official document on the confiscation of Dženan and Alisa's belongings

    Official document on the confiscation of Dženan and Alisa's belongings

    Foto: Avaz

Alisa Mutap in her statement to the SC Ministry of the Interior, which she gave to Hasan Dupovac on February 10th (arrested and detained for covering up Dženan's murder), says that she met Dženan at 9.30 PM in front of Ilidža Police Department, after which they went to Zmajevac and Vidikovac, and on the other hand the video shows his vehicle in Lužani at 9.28.28 PM, which excludes the possibility that they went to Zmajevac and Vidikovac. And that is ruled out by eyewitnesses who saw them walking by the fountain.

They stole half an hour

During the statement given on April 5th, 2016 in the Sarajevo prosecutor's office, Mutap states that she met with Dženan at 9.15 PM, after which they went to Vidikovac, and then to the "Kovači" bakery.

At the main trial of the Ljubo i Bekrija Seferović, held on October 24th, 2016, Mutap testified that she accidentally met Dženan in Velika Aleja at exactly 9 PM. She sovereignly claimed that she was sure that they had met at that time, because she looked at her watch "because of a friend who had to go home".

According to the list of things she was wearing, the watch is not mentioned, only a black jacket and black jeans, but that is not as important as the fact that 30 minutes are lost in her three statements. So, why is she "stealing" time, investigators and prosecutors of the State Prosecutor's Office ask themselves. After that, Alisa says in the courtroom that she met Dženan at the MUP in Ilidža at exactly 9.25 PM, and that Dženan invited her.

  • Mutap during the reconstruction in the Great Alley: Is it really a crime scene

    Mutap during the reconstruction in the Great Alley: Is it really a crime scene

    Foto: Avaz

Footage from the mosque in Lužani confirms that they met at around 9.30 PM, and according to the communication that was taken from their mobile phones, that was confirmed. They were just a two-minute walk from where Dženan was reported injured.

Another suspicious circumstance, which Dženan's father Muriz Memić spoke about in his testimony, is the fact that Dženan's mobile phone was constantly ringing and vibrating on the fateful day. His father remembered that, because he had warned Dženan about the phone, given that they had three funerals that day, and his phone kept ringing — until he met with Alisa.

That communication was excluded and is in the possession of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H. This video completely, as a source close to the investigation told us, and unequivocally proves that in an hour, as long as Dženan was lying injured, the scene, wherever it was, could have been "cleared of traces" and the actors could agree on reversing the direction of the investigation.

Is the Great Alley really a crime scene

What is now being checked within the investigation of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, and due to the suspicion of organized cover-up of the murder of a young man from Sokolović-Kolonija, is the exact place of the crime. Namely, three police officers and one doctor in their four statements stated different positions in which they found Dženan's body in the Great Alley.

One police officer said he found Dženan on his left side and another on his right side, while a third said he was lying on his back. On the other hand, the ambulance doctor said that he found the young man lying on his stomach. Investigators are checking, and for what, as we have learned unofficially from a source close to the investigation, there is a well-founded suspicion, whether Dženan was seriously injured, brought and left in the Great Alley. These allegations have yet to be confirmed.

Mud on shoes and weather forecast

Our source justifiably wonders why other things are not exempt from Alisa Mutap, except for jeans and a jacket. Why weren't her mud-shod shoes taken away? This fact, according to our source, in the investigation of the Sarajevo Prosecutor's Office is justified by the fact that it rained on the fateful night, which is not true and can be verified by a simple insight into the weather forecast of February 8th, 2016 and it is clear that it was dry and Mutap and Memić were moving on the asphalted surface, where there was no mud.


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