"Memić" case: Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests custody for arrested Alisa Mutap, receptionist and two police officers

Custody has also been proposed for Ožegović, Veljović and Hrvat

Miralem Aščić

Alisa Mutap: Arrested two days ago

Foto: Radio Sarajevo

This morning, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order one-month custody for the arrested Alisa Mutap, the ex-girlfriend of the young man Dzenan Memić.

Custody was also requested for the arrested, Muamer Ožegović, an employee of the "Crystal Hotel" in Ilidža, where he was employed as a receptionist on the fateful night, but also for members of the Directorate for Coordination of B&H Police Bodies, Nedžad Hrvat and Nebojša Veljović.

A court hearing will be held during the day at the proposal of the Prosecutor's Office.

  • It is also requested for Ožegović to be detained

    It is also requested for Ožegović to be detained

    Foto: Avaz

On a tragic night in Ilidža, Veljović and Hrvat secured diplomatic facilities. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina suspects them of concealing evidence.

Specifically, it is suspected that in order to conceal the evidence, they consciously informed their superiors that only one person had been injured, only to later say that "two people were injured"

During the interrogation in this judicial institution today, Mutap did not defend with silence, but actively presented her defense. That was confirmed to us by her lawyer Goran Dragović.

He said Mutap is looking to undergo a polygraph test.

Alisas's father Zijad Mutap and police officers Hasan Dupovac and Josip Barić are in custody.



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