Disciplinary proceedings of Ranko Debevec will start tomorrow, it is still in question whether all the details of the accusation will be revealed

According to the Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor, Debevec met with the Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA), Osman Mehmedagić, in December 2020.

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  • Debevec and Kurspahić

    Debevec and Kurspahić

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The main hearing on the disciplinary lawsuit against the President of the Court of B&H Ranko Debevec is scheduled for tomorrow in the premises of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of B&H.

Violations of the judge's code

The Disciplinary Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against Debevec for intentionally providing misleading or insufficient information regarding job applications, disciplinary matters, promotion and advancement matters, or any other matters within the Council's jurisdiction, and conduct in and out of court that damages the reputation of the judicial office.

According to the Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor at the preparatory hearing, in December 2020, Debevec met with the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA), Osman Mehmedagić, against whom criminal proceedings were being conducted at the time, in front of a third party's apartment. He also sent a comment of inappropriate content to the prosecutor Vedrana Mijović, who is acting in the case in which the defendant is a participant in the proceedings.

In both cases, as stated by Kurspahić-Nadarević, there was a violation of the code of judicial ethics in the case of communication with the prosecutor and inappropriate contact with the person against whom the proceedings are being conducted before the court led by Debevec, and whose meeting, according to her, was published by several media.

Debevec is also charged with the lawsuit that since 2004, with the exception of 2009, he deliberately provided insufficient information on property abroad, ie Spain, through personal financial reports submitted to the HJPC.

- He did not submit any information about the apartment - said Kurspahić-Nadarević recently, and stated that she believes that after conducting the evidence, which she proposed at the hearing, she will determine the disciplinary responsibility of the President of the Court of B&H.

Privacy protection

The defense of Debevec asked the First Instance Commission to exclude the public from the proceedings against the President of the Court, in order, as they stated, to protect the private life of the defendant.

However, the chairman of the Disciplinary Commission, Avdija Avdić, said on June 25th that the public would be excluded during part of the proceedings when evidence that would reveal details from private life will be presented, having in mind the public interest.

However, the question is whether all the details from the indictment will be revealed in that way and why Debevec is an exception in relation to the other accused.


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