Muriz Memić for "Avaz" about the attacks of SDA raiders: These attackers and their bosses cannot stop us

Those attacks have intensified since the arrests for covering up Dženan's murder began, so everything is clear, Memić says

Admir Aljimi

Memić: Under constant pressure, but he will not give up

Foto: Avaz

The attacks of SDA raiders and bots via Facebook on Muriz Memić, his family, lawyer Ifet Feraget and prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H are intensifying as the arrests started and as the moment for filing an indictment for covering up the murder of young man Dženan Memić is approaching.

Muriz Memić says for the "Avaz" portal that such disgusting actions do not surprise him at all, because during the five-year fight for justice he realized what a mafia octopus he is dealing with, ie that people who were able to plant and remove evidence are ready for anything.

  • A mockery of Memić's fight for justice

    A mockery of Memić's fight for justice

    Foto: Screenshot

- For the last five years we have been in war with these attackers. Both them and their bosses found themselves in this. They are doing this on behalf of their bosses who have ordered them to protect them with such heinous revelations. This is a low blow and inhuman. It's been like this since 2016. We don’t mean to change because we’re right, Dženan was killed. Those attackers can't stop me. These attacks have intensified since the arrests began, so everything is clear - Memić told us.

On the other hand, lawyer Feraget only briefly said: "Perseverance and knowledge together will lead to justice", emphasizing that the allegations published by bots and SDA raiders on Facebook do not deserve any different comment from the one he has already given.

  • Lawyer Feraget is also targeted

    Lawyer Feraget is also targeted

    Foto: Screenshot

By the way, the savagery of bots and the "keyboard warriors" of the SDA on social networks show all the despair of the top of this party due to the successful work of prosecutors Ćazim Hasanspahić and Dubravko Čampara, who are very close to filing the indictment. Prosecutors will not stop there and have already announced that they have new suspects and their accomplices who hid Dženan Memić's killers.

A special thorn in the side of the bots are the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H Gordana Tadić and the lawyer Ifet Feraget, who, together with Muriz Memić, praised her work on the complex "Dženan Memić case" on several occasions.

Memić has said before that nothing can scare him anymore, because he has already lost a child.

In this investigation, police officers Hasan Dupovac and Josip Barić, Muamer Ožegović, an employee of the "Crystal" Hotel, from which video surveillance footage was deleted, and Alisa Ramić Mutap, a girl who was with Dženan in Great Alley on the fateful night of February 8th, 2016, when he was fatally injured, and who justified herself with amnesia and did not want to say anything about the case, and her father Zijad Mutap who planted traces, have been arrested.


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