Zvizdić: The last glimmer of hope that changes in the SDA will happen has been extinguished

The issue of procurement of vaccines will remain the biggest stain and humiliation in this mandate, said Zvizdić

L. Memčić

Denis Zvizdić, now the former vice president of the SDA and deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed today at a press conference that he is leaving the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) after a long disagreement with the party leadership.

- The decision I made was not simple, but it was the only possible one because the SDA did not make the expected personnel changes that would restore its reputation - said Zvizdić.

He said that he did not make this decision earlier because he believes that it would be unprofessional, and not to warn about the mistakes in advance and try to correct them.

He stated that he lived for the SDA of which he was a member for 30 years. He explained that the general interest and program goals were lost.

- I told Bakir Izetbegović that I resigned - Zvizdić added.

He explained that the decision was made after several months of appeals that the SDA must return to the original principles. and that in the municipalities and cities where they lost the elections, changes must be made based on knowledge, competencies ...

- The pace with modern political trends has begun to be lost. The SDA was brutally defeated in most cities. The issue of procurement of vaccines will remain the biggest stain and humiliation in this mandate - said Zvizdić.

He says that his opinion is shared by a large number of SDA members and that he has warned of numerous problems.

- I hope that these mistakes will be understood. I have no intention of commenting on internal issues and relationships with members. The last glimmer of hope for a change has been extinguished - stated Zvizdić.

He said that this is not a question of any personal ambitions for functions. He explained that the framework in which the SDA operates does not allow for further progress.

He stated that many in the SDA believe that the changes in the party were cosmetic.

- I know for sure that there are still many members who are not satisfied. I do not invite anyone to make a revolt, I do not know if someone will follow in my footsteps - stated Zvizdić.

When it comes to his further political engagement, he said that he remains in politics.

- I will remain in the status of an independent representative. My focus is exclusively on the state. Therefore, I think that political projects can be gathered that can help strengthening B&H. As for my position in the Collegium of the House of Representatives, I did not resign. There would be a vacancy, there would not be a representative of the Bosniak people. The other two members of the board could make their own decisions - said Zvizdić.

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