Police officers are searching the ISA premises, focusing on the suspicious diploma of Osman Mehmedagić

This is the "Diploma" case for which Denis Prcić, the owner of the American University in B&H, was arrested 15 days ago

Miralem Aščić

Inspectors entered the ISA building

Foto: E. Trako

Members of the MUP of the Sarajevo Canton entered the premises of the Intelligence and Security Agency ISA a few minutes ago, the "Avaz" portal has learned.

According to our reporter who is on the scene, several inspectors of the SC Ministry of the Interior entered the ISA premises.

The police is conducting a search ordered by the Prosecutor's Office and ordered by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the information that "Avaz" has, the Prosecutor's Office of Bi& is targeting a suspicious diploma of the director of ISA, Osman Mehmedagić Osmica, which is why a search was ordered.

It is about the "Diploma" case, for which Denis Prcić, the owner of the American University in B&H, was arrested 15 days ago. It was Prcić who issued Mehmedagić a fake diploma, which the director of ISA handed over to the Commission for Supervision of the Work of ISA, all with the aim of obtaining a second term at the head of the secret service.

It is disputable that Mehmedagić declared the diploma he handed over to the commission a secret, but the investigation of the Prosecutor's Office, and the recent searches of the American University in Tuzla, members of the TC MUP police did not find any evidence that Mehmedagić was ever a student of this higher education institution.

On the other hand, Osmica is trying in every way to remove Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić and Prosecutor Oleg Čavka in order to avoid the trial. The day before yesterday, he submitted alleged compromising data to the HJPC B&H.

According to the information that "Avaz" has, this is old misinformation that was considered by the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor in 2019 and where it was determined that there is no element for the disciplinary responsibility of Oleg Čavka.


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