Prosecutor Mijović testified at the disciplinary hearing of Ranko DebevEc: "Send my greetings to Gordana, why are you interested in my Mercedes"

Have you ever drove me home in your Golf V, Debevec asked prosecutor Mijović

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Debevec: What did he ask the witness?

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This morning, the main hearing on the disciplinary lawsuit against the President of the Court of B&H, Ranko Debevec, was held in the premises of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of B&H.

Disciplinary Prosecutor's Office has filed a lawsuit against Debevec for intentionally providing misleading or insufficient information regarding job applications, disciplinary matters, promotion and advancement matters or any other matters within the Council's jurisdiction and conduct in court and out of court that damages the reputation of the judicial office.

The chairman of the Disciplinary Commission, Avdija Avdić, said that the public would be excluded during the part of the procedure when evidence will be presented that will reveal details from private life, the financial report and the testimony of two witnesses.

This morning, Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor Alena Kurspahić-Nadarević questioned three witnesses, and the first to testify was Vedrana Mijović, Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H.

Debevec received a "Mercedes" as a gift

This is a prosecutor who filed a case against Debevec in June 2019, and after that Debevec attacked her through media. She said that she has known Debevac since 2013. She said that they are together in several commissions and that they have a collegial relationship.

- On one occasion, I was late for the commission and then he sent me the SMS "they are waiting for you at the bar exam", and I replied that I was coming. Shortly afterwards, when I started checking my report, he asked me via the "Signal" application why I was checking his cms and files. On that day, I sent an act to the HJPC to grant me access to the file. Then I realized that he has information that I was the prosecutor in the report - said Mijović.

The same thing happened when Mijović asked the RS Ministry of the Interior for information on checking a "Mercedes" car.

- The report states that Debevec received a "Mercedes" as a gift. Afterwards, he asked me why I was investigating an innocent women and to greet Gordana (Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić, Op. cit.). He also asked me why I was checking the car - said Mijović.

She notified the Disciplinary Prosecutor

Further, in her testimony, she stated that she considered that Debevec known the content of the checks and she informed the disciplinary prosecutor about it. She printed out the messages from the applications and filed them in the file. Three months have passed from the receipt of the message to the report to the Disciplinary Commission, and considering that the statute of limitations is five years, Mijović believes that not much time has passed.

Debevec's lawyer Vasvija Vidović asked the witness to explain how the letters reached the public.

- The report against Debevec was received by the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, the Office of the Disciplinary Commission, several embassies. I deny that I made it public. I have nothing to do with how the documents came to light. More documents have been published and I don't know how the media got to them - said Mijović.

Vidović asked if she had filed an indictment, to which Mijović said no because the case is still being investigated.

Debevec asked the witness if they had ever exchanged messages before, to which Mijović replied that they might have once wished each other a Happy New Year. He then asked her if she had ever drank coffee in his office, which Mijović denied.

-Have you ever drove me home in your Golf V- asked Debevec.

-I don't remember I did- she replied.

Meeting with Mehmadagić

Defense witnesses Judge Minka Kreho and Judge Davorin Jukić testified about the relationship between Debevec and Mijović. Both witnesses pointed out that they were members of the Commission and that Debevec and Mijović were on good terms.

After the witnesses testified, material evidence was presented. Among other things, video materials of the meeting between Debevec and ISA director Osman Mehmadagić from December 14th, 2020 are attached. The video shows the two of them entering the building together in Branilaca Sarajevo Street at 5:04 PM. They stayed there until 7:21 PM.

The chief disciplinary prosecutor said that in December 2020, Debevec met with Mehmedagić, who was being prosecuted at the time, in front of a third-person apartment.


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