The mother of the murdered David Dragičević came to the Prosecutor's Office of B&H: I expect that arrests will begin in Banja Luka

Suzana Radanović was accompanied by lawyer Ifet Feraget and Muriz Memić

Suzana Radanović with lawyer Ifet Feraget. Radio Sarajevo

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Suzana Radanović, the mother of the murdered David Dragičević, came to the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she will testify as a witness at the invitation of the Prosecutor's Office regarding the case of her son's murder.

Suzana came with lawyer Ifet Feraget, and Muriz Memić, the father of Dženan Memić, who supports the Dragičević family, also arrived.

Before entering the building, Suzana Radanović said briefly:

Muriz Memić came to support the family of the murdered David Dragičević. A. Aljimi

- I can't say anything now until I enter the building and see what it's about. I expect that the arrest in Banja Luka will begin as soon as possible, and that in the end we will find the perpetrators and those who ordered the murder of my son - said Radanović.