Memić and Feraget after the hearing: The prosecutor offered a bet, he's a legal fool

He (Prosecutor Mišković) wanted to make a bet with me that "that they are Romany", now I tell him that we bet they are not, says Memić

B. Cerić

After the first part of the main trial, which was held before the FB&H Supreme Court in the case against Ljubo and Bekrija Seferović in the "Memić case" ended today, the father of the murdered Dženan told the gathered journalists that there was a saying "everyone can make a mistake".

- I must say that there is a saying that everyone can make mistakes, and only a fool persists in his mistakes. Vlado Mišković does not know the law, I would like these words to reach his son. My lawyer told me that he would make me a better lawyer. Everything that Vlado Mišković said in court is a lie. He wanted to make a bet with me that "that they are Romany", now I tell him that we bet they are not. No one in the state believes that Dženan was killed in a car accident. Prosecutor Vlado Mišković is a legal fool. What he said in court today is a lie. This is not a traffic accident, Dženan was killed - said Muriz Memić.

On the other hand, the prominent lawyer Ifet Feraget, who represents the Memić family, stated that "this case is instructive".

- Austria-Hungary established this court. A case like this has never been in this court. I said at the outset that the presiding judge should not be in that position. This is an attempt by the Supreme Court to preserve the honor in some way. It cannot be saved, because the decision was revoked a second time. This time they hurried, on July 23rd, we hear that some are canceling vacations, because a new hearing will take place and I thank them for that. They are not doing it for Dženan, Muriz or Ifet, they are doing it for themselves - Feraget explained.

He called today's hearing a judicial farce at the expense of taxpayers and citizens of FB&H.

- This is one message to the Supreme Court, let them be ashamed, if you repeal to make the same decision, it is stolen time. Only the time was stolen here for the Memić family and me as a lawyer. The court could have called whoever it wanted, let the whole world see you, but the same decision will be, the evidence says Dženan was killed. This is a shame and an attempt to preserve a part of this court, which was lost, it is the sixth year in question - said Ifet.


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