Denis Prcić threatened witness who hid servers: Say you sold them to "Gypsies" for 3,000 KM

Prcić, with the help of Mirela Mujkić Blekić and her husband Emir, made Mehmedagić a forged diploma - says Čavka

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A hearing was held to extend the custody of Denis Prcić

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A hearing was held before the Trial Chamber, presided over by Judge Braco Stupar, along with Judges Davorin Jurkić and Lejla Konjić to extend the custody of Denis Prcić, founder and director of the American University, who is charged with abuse of office and forgery of official documents, and by which he enabled a forged diploma to the arrested ISA director Osman Mehmedagić Osmica.

A series of new evidence

Acting Prosecutor Oleg Čavka presented to the Chamber a number of new pieces of evidence that supported the grounds for suspicion that Prcić committed the criminal offenses charged against him.

By the way, Prcić is a citizen of B&H and the USA. Prosecutor Čavka stated that the extension of custody was requested due to the fear that Prcić would conceal the evidence, and influence and intimidate witnesses.

- Prcić, with the help of Mirela Mujkić Blekić and her husband Emir, made Mehmedagić a forged diploma - says Čavka.

According to the prosecution, Mehmedagić has been using a forged diploma and a forged student's transcript since 2007.

Short period of time

The prosecutor also revealed that witness Đ. K. shortly before the search in the premises of the Mechanical School where the American School of Economics was located, Prcić hired him to remove the evidence.

- He's a carrier. Prcić called Đ. K. and told him that the police would call him and interrogate him and to tell them that he had sold the things he took out of the premises to "Gypsies" for 3,000 KM, and that he had bought them for a thousand. The witness told Prcić that he would not lie to the police, to which he told him that he could defend himself by remaining silent. The witness then stated that he had not done anything illegal, and that he had nothing to defend himself against. Then Prcić called him and threatened him - Čavka explained.

Part of the documentation

In his testimony, the witness presented his knowledge of the event in detail.

- One part of the documentation and other things were transported to Semizovac to the vacation home, and the other part also to the vacation home in Nišići with a friend Prcić, A. C. These people decided to voluntarily hand over those things. These are five servers and they contain data from the founding of the University - Čavka explained.

This evidence is in the possession of the prosecution and in the presence of Prcić, it will be opened.

- Full bags of CDs were found in Semizovac, which were sent for expertise to the RS Ministry of the Interior. 350 CDs titled as back up were also found. One of them, under the name Marketing Nihad, contained data for the year 2008/09, and Mehmedagić graduated in 2013, according to information from the American University. No information was found about him. Which corroborates the fact that the page was also removed from the registry book. Name of Osman Mehmedagić was written over the name of student Damir Mujakić wrote - says Čavka.

Personal file

The Court of B&H also issued an order for ISA to hand over Mehmedagić's personal file as well as two security questionnaires where accurate information must be provided.

- It can be seen from that documentation that the diploma of the American University was never part of the file and that diploma was submitted to the Supervisory Commission. Registers and student files are still in Prcić's private possession. The investigation was expanded and another forged diploma was discovered. Amina Pekić, the sister of Muhamed Pekić, a close associate of Mehmedagić in ISA, with such a diploma, is part of the mission in Brussels with NATO, which greatly damages the reputation of B&H - claims Čavka.

Detention requested

In the meantime, Prcić's accomplice Mehmedagić was arrested, and his custopdy will be requested during the day.

- In the next two months, we have witnesses to question. Among them is Prcić's ex-wife and former Rector. Prcić hides the registry books and the documentation, let him hand them over and I will propose that measures be determined for him - concluded Čavka.

Prcić's lawyer, Vasvija Vidović, opposed the extension of detention.


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