Draško Stanivuković on Valentin Inzko's decision: This is a terribly bad move, no one can put me in prison or prosecute me

Although I have never said that about his work before, I can say that this move is cowardly, says Stanivuković

E. T. / Buka

Stanivuković: I think it is very bad and can further deepen tensions

Foto: BUKA

Valentin Inzko, the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has imposed amendments to Bosnia and Herzegovina's Criminal Code that prohibit and punish genocide denial.

Draško Stanivuković, the mayor of Banja Luka, said that this was the biggest possible catastrophe.

- It's a terribly bad move. Although I have never said that about his work before, I can say that this move is cowardly. You show some kind of courage before you leave. I think that it is very bad and it can deepen the tensions even more, it is not good for the Republic of Srpska and for our people. Any kind of imposition is not good, if someone imposes an opinion or a view on history on me, it is disastrous and harmful for me. Any kind of coercion in B&H has proven to be very bad for the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina - Stanivuković said when asked by a BUKA journalist.

He adds that he does not see that this type of decision, which enters into force immediately, is enforceable.

- I am the first to say that I will continue to have my opinion, no matter what the price. No one can put me in prison, nor prosecute me because I see certain processes for my people as they see it. I will see certain things in the past the way I see it, the way I learned it and have the right to do so, and not for someone to impose my opinion and view on history by some law - Stanivuković pointed out.


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