Ifet Feraget: This is pressure on Gordana Tadić for working on the "Memić" and "Dragičević" cases

She did her job very correctly and we were very pleased with her work, she respected everything she said, says Feraget

Feraget: We are satisfied with the work of Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić. Avaz

M. Aščić

Ifet Feraget, a prominent lawyer representing the Memić and Dragičević families, commented for "Avaz" on the decision of the first-instance disciplinary commission of the HJPC to remove Gordana Tadić from the position of chief state prosecutor.

According to Feraget, this is an obvious pressure to remove Tadić from the Prosecutor's Office of B&H because, as he explained, someone is obviously bothered by her work on the initiated cases in this judicial institution.

- I can only say justice for Dženan, justice for David. She did her job very correctly and we were very pleased with her work. Everything she said, she respected. She actively announced the investigation in both cases and we all see that we already have very significant results. It is obvious that it does not suit someone and that a lot of pressure has been put on her since then - said Feraget.

The lawyer of the Memić and Dragičević families explained that it should be precisely said that someone is very hurt by her work.

- As for the accusations against her, she did everything according to the principle as other prosecutors do. In situations where complex cases were formed, she formed prosecutorial teams, this also happened in the "Dženan Memić" case. That is her right in accordance with the Rules of the Prosecution. As far as security checks are concerned, these procedures have not been completed in any of the prosecutor's offices. There is no responsibility for that. I repeat, this is just pressure on Tadić due to the work on the "Memić" and "Dragičević" cases, to get rid of her - said lawyer Ifet Feraget.