Ifet Feraget: In every state, after the decision of the Court, the Government would fall, someone would be arrested

However, if a journalist appeared here, you can guess who he is, I would have no respect for him

L. Memčić

Muriz Memić and Ifet Feraget

Foto: M. Haskić

Ifet Feraget, a lawyer for the Memić family, said today at a press conference, and after yesterday's verdict of the Supreme Court of the Federation acquitting the Seferovićs of the traffic accident in which Dženan Memić was killed in Ilidža in 2016, according to the SC Prosecutor's Office, that Muriz cannot listen stories about car accident anymore.

- What happened yesterday, the government would fall in every state governed by the rule of law, resignations would take place, someone should be arrested. We always wonder why this is like this, why it is like this, why there are no vaccines, we have fallen into a situation where we really have to re-examine ourselves, do not ask what more the state will do for you, but ask what you will do for the state - said Feraget.

  • Muriz Memić

    Muriz Memić

    Foto: M. Haskić

As for this yesterday's decision of the Supreme Court, Feraget said that he would start in the reverse order.

-That feeling we have towards someone because of his attitude, because of his reputation, that feeling is called respect. However, if a journalist appeared here, you can guess who he is, I would not have any respect for him, because he did not have respect - said Feraget.

Speaking about the beginning of the trial of the accused Alisa Mutap and others, Feraget said, since the indictment has been confirmed, the deadline for considering the objections is underway.

- The same judge who confirmed the indictment decides on that objection. I expect a guilty plea at the end of August, and at the end of October we can expect the beginning of the main trial - says Feraget.

Feraget expects the Prosecutor's Office of B&H to take over the case of Dženan Memić.

- Ljubo Seferović was the object of our interest. He was released because there was no traffic accident. I am convinced that it will be his turn. The accused has the right to defend himself by remaining silent, and he admitted that something happened that did not happen. During the proceedings, he never wanted to say that someone had threatened him, and the state has the instruments to free the state from fear. If he does not admit it, then he must be prosecuted - Feraget believes.



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