Video / "Ventilators" affair: Take a look at the messages the accused Novalić, Solak, Hodžić and Milićević exchanged

Prosecutor Pašić, among others, singled out the message from March 18 last year, when the Secretary General of the Government of the Federation of B&H, Edita Kalajdžić, told Novalić "to talk to Sebija"

A. Ka.

The trial of FB&H Prime Minister Fadil Novalić and other indictees in the "Ventilators" affair for the purchase of 100 ventilators worth 10,530,000 KM, imported from China for the needs of the Federal Civil Protection Administration by the company "Srebrena malina", continued today in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the presentation of material evidence.

Apart from Novalić, the suspended director of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection Fahrudin Solak, the Minister of Finance of the Federation of B&H (FB&H) Jelka Milićević and the owner of the company "Srebrena malina" Fikret Hodžić are accused of the disputed purchase of ventilators.

Novalić, Solak and Hodžić are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal offenses related to acts of abuse of position or authority, receiving a reward or other form of benefit for trading in influence.

The indictment also charges them with money laundering, falsification or destruction of business or trade books or documents, falsification of official documents and violation of the obligation to keep trade or business books and compile financial reports and their falsification or destruction.

Milićević is accused of negligent work in the service.

Prosecutor Džermin Pašić also presented the messages that the accused exchanged with each other via Viber.

He also singled out the one message from March 18th last year, when the Secretary General of the Government of the Federation of B&H, Edita Kalajdžić, wrote to Novalić:

- Boss, talk with Sebija (Op. cit. Director of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo Sebija Izetbegović) regarding the prices of ventilators ".

Prosecutor Pašić again presented the message sent by Edvin Kučuković, in which he warns that the purchased ventilators are not for human treatment.

Thus, on April 28, Ganibegović sent a message:

- Please forward this to the Prime Minister. Ventilators are not adequate, patients die on these ventilators because lung rupture occurs. I can get you a thousand pieces of these for $ 9,000. Do you remember this message, we got just those ventilators - it is written in the message.


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