The futile and harmful policy of self-isolation continues: Komšić is now angry with Angela Merkel as well

The real question that the chairman of the Presidency of B&H and his partners from the SDA should answer is why Merkel is coming to Vučić, and not to him, or to them

Komšić: Tough words about Schmidt and Merkel. Archive

Danijal Hadžović

Angela Merkel is counting her last days as the most powerful person in Europe. The German Chancellor chose Serbia and its capital Belgrade as one of the locations for her "farewell party", where she met with President Aleksandar Vučić.

The day after, Merkel met with other Western Balkan leaders in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

So, first Vučić, then everyone else. This is of course a big plus for Aleksandar Vučić, because with this move, Merkel sends a clear signal who Germany considers as leader and the most important partner in this part of Europe.

No actions, only quitter talk

After the meeting in the Presidency of B&H with the new High Representative Christian Schmidt, Željko Komšić also commented on this, who obviously did not like the Chancellor's behavior and publicly asked why "Merkel is coming to Vučić's feet".

- I have no doubt that the institutions in Berlin lack some information, the only question is what is the goal of that policy. If the goal is to make Serbia a regional chief, that will not work. I told Schmidt that too. We can be equal and only on that basis can we talk. There are no more bosses in the Balkans - said Željko Komšić, chairman of the Presidency of B&H.

He did not miss the opportunity to "criticize" Schmidt, who he said was "uninformed".

And while Merkel, as Komšić says, "is coming to Vučić's feet", in his style he gives arrogant statements full of false self-confidence that something cannot pass and that there is no boss. And the real question that Komšić and his SDA partners should answer is why Merkel is coming to Vučić's feet, and not to him, or to them.

More precisely, what are the concrete effects of him being in the Presidency, which, when we include the previous two mandates, has already entered its 12th year?

Those 12 years were clearly not enough for Komšić to establish any more serious diplomatic relations with any country or statesman in the world. The members of the Presidency, generally have no meetings with anyone of world leaders.

Where and to whom is he the boss? We know that he has a boss who is not at all impressive, because he is a slave to his own wife and the Turkish leader.

Unlike Belgrade, none of the serious statesmen have come to Sarajevo for a long time, except occasionally Erdogan to negotiate more serious projects with Dodik, and to strengthen traditional loyalty and servility with Izetbegović family.

Komšić's typical reaction to the favoring of Serbia by Merkel and other European leaders among Bosniaks, unfortunately, is mostly met with infantile angry reactions about the unjust and Islamophobic world.

Yes, the world we live in may be unfair, but we should blame ourselves for not establishing a better position in it.

Zero marks

Schmidt: He has the support of Angela Merkel. Archive

One example illustrates this perfectly. The Bosnian Advocacy Center (BAC) announced that RS spent 40 million KM on lobbying in the United States alone. B&H, FB&H or any Bosniak-majority canton spent - all together - zero KM on lobbying in this country. So, that is a picture of the engagement and work of Bosniak "patriots" and Komšić in the leading power of the world - zero KM.

Let us remember that in the post-war years, B&H diplomacy had a good position in the world, certainly much better than the then isolated Serbia. In the last fifteen years, under the leadership of Bakir Izetbegović and his partners, led by Željko Komšić, there has been a complete reversal, ie international marginalization and a kind of self-isolation of B&H and Bosniaks.

Komšić's anger and populism will not help anyone, least of all the state of B&H. Just as empty arrogance and harsh words towards the political representatives of the leading European powers are certainly not something that will correct the results of Komšić's and Izetbegović's many years of bad work.

The dirty chase of the regime media on Schmidt

The fact is that Komšić and intelligence and media circles close to the ruling SDA regime have in recent months started indiscriminately "shooting" at the leading European power. They launched a kind of campaign of verbal attacks on the leadership of Germany and the new High Representative Christian Schmidt, all with accusations that both Schmidt and Merkel work for the enemies of B&H. Such a dirty chase will certainly not improve the position of B&H and Bosniaks. On the contrary, it can only lead them to even greater isolation.