"Recording" affair: Police officers file criminal charges with the Prosecutor's Office of B&H against Osman Mehmedagić

The report was filed due to the "Recording" affair and audio recordings of Osman Mehmedagić and Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadić, which was published by the "Avaz" portal

Mehmedagić: Abuse of service. Avaz

Miralem Aščić

A new criminal complaint was filed with the Prosecutor's Office of B&H today against Osman Mehmedagić, director of ISA, Muriz Druškić, former ISA employee, but also againts Samir Rizva, Mate Miletić, assistant minister of security of B&H, and Munib Isaković, head of the State Security Authority, the "Avaz" portal has learned.

The report was submitted by 12 police officers, including police officers from the SC Ministry of the Interior, SIPA, the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies, but also employees of the Ministry of Security, who are, as they said, "victims of illegal work of ISA directors".

As we find out, the criminal complaint was filed due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that Mehmedagić and others, as an organized group, committed criminal offenses of abuse of office, negligent work in the service, disclosure of classified information, receiving gifts and other benefits for trading in influence and blackmail from KZB&H .

The report was filed due to the "Recording" affair and audio recordings of Osman Mehmedagić and Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadić, which was published by the "Avaz" portal.

Threats and blackmails

This report was also sent to the US Embassy, the Office for the Fight against Corruption in Sarajevo Canton, the Office of the High Representative, the EU Delegation, SIPA, and the Commission for Supervision of the Work of ISA.

- On September 17th and 18th, 2021., the "Avaz" portal published two audio recordings in which the conversation between the official meeting of ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić, the Chief Prosecutor of B&H Gordana Tadić and the Prosecutor Ozrenka Nešković was recorded.

From the mentioned conversation, it unequivocally follows that the director of ISA, Osman Mehmedagić, exerts influence, that is, trading in influence by using threats and blackmail, he presents the information he obtained as the director of ISA, ie. discloses secret information, abusing his official position in order to suspend the investigation in his own interest in the "Diploma" case against him by prosecutor Oleg Čavka.

During the conversation, ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić presented a series of frightening data and information, probably with the aim of presenting himself as a person of, to put it mildly, dangerous intentions, as follows: "how he eavesdrops on everything he knows - the opposition, diplomats and others, that he beats journalists, insults the Court and the Prosecutor's Office and say that they racketeer, that the law allows him to pack and mount trials against persons, offers the chief prosecutor to get rid of the unfit through a security check system and invites her to inspect the transcripts and audio recordings of the monitored persons, etc., all with the aim of discrediting prosecutor Oleg Čavko and how he would suspend the investigation against him, ” - the report reads.

What is stated in the criminal report. Avaz

The report proposes that the mentioned audio recordings be listened to and that the authorities convince themselves that the conversation unequivocally and "confirmed by its own confession that ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić established a group of people within B&H institutions, including the reported Muriz Druškić, former ISA employee and now a member of the Security Verification Complaints Commission, which uses blackmail, threats, packaging and other illegal activities using and abusing ISA resources. "

- In such an illegal way, several employees of B&H institutions lost their jobs - the Ministry of Security of B&H, MUP of Sarajevo Canton, SIPA, DKPT, MUP of Republic of Srpska, KPZ Sarajevo, Indirect Taxation Authority and others , including high - ranking police officers Emir Efendić, Elvir Bajrić, Safet Gagula, Senad Muslim, Fikret Ibrica, Mirnes Hodžić, Nermin Džafić, Salko Zeković, Edib Termiz, Amer Softić, Emir Korjenić, Bakir Dautbašić and others. All of the above lost their jobs and their existence was endangered only on the basis of, it is now clear to everyone, fabricated and inaccurate information of ISA, ie as the director of ISA Osman Mehmedagić confirms in the conversation - "I know perfectly well that what we collect is not proof, but the law allowed us to pack ”and offers the chief prosecutor to get rid of the unsuitable through security checks - the report states.

Using and abusing the security screening system to access classified information, ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić pointed out that, in cooperation with other ISA employees, he illegally denied the basic human right - the right to work, caused non-pecuniary and material damage to these officers and illegally and without grounds stigmatized them as enemies of B&H and persons who are not loyal to the state.

- That this is an abuse of the security check system for access to classified information by ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić is also shown by the fact that no proceedings have been conducted against the above-mentioned officials, "enemies of B&H" before the competent authorities. According to the Criminal Code of B&H, the director of ISA was obliged to report to the competent prosecutor's office information about criminal offenses that we allegedly committed or are charged with or other information that would be confirmed by evidence that we committed crimes for which we suffer consequences, injustice and damage, but, as it is obviously about untruths and packaging, he did not submit such knowledge and information to the competent prosecutor's offices, but declared the "knowledge" secret - it was emphasized.

ISA to return to the framework of the law

With this illegal way of working, the director of OSA, together with others reported, questioned the complete security screening system for access to classified information, so we can reasonably conclude that many who have a security breach are granted access to classified information, and for many, "by packaging" are identified as a security nuisance and they bear the consequences.

- We are submitting this criminal report to the Prosecutor's Office of B&H for handling and conducting an investigation in the case "Security Checks", and we ask other addressees to take actions within their competence and stop the illegalities of ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić and others, and influence ISA to return to law , and to us, the undersigned and others who have been left without permission to access classified information by the illegal work of the Director of ISA, without employment, justice and redress and the consequences of the illegal work of the Director of ISA that we suffer unfairly.

Thirteen months ago, we filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina for illegally revoking the license for access to classified information against the above-mentioned persons - the report states, among other things.