Arijana Memić: How they are not ashamed, they have no shame for the murdered Dženan

It will not be easy to deal with people like this, Arijana said

L. Memčić - A. Kapo

The sister of the murdered Dženan, Arijana Memić, pointed out after today's start of the trial in the Court of B&H, that nothing can surprise her family anymore from the accused in this case and their clients.

- So far, they have challenged the jurisdiction of the Court of B&H. The prosecutors will submit evidence by the next hearing, where both the Appellate Panel and the Constitutional Court have determined the jurisdiction of this Court in this case. We have heard from Barić's defense that only these five people sitting in the courtroom were damaged in this case. I no longer know how these people have no shame and how they are not ashamed. They have not the slightest bit of shame towards the murdered. Alisa will soon become a mother.I don't know how she will look her child in the eye. She cuddles her stomach. That's how my mother cuddled hers as well- said, among other things, Arijana and added:

- One of the protected witnesses was attacked. It is being investigated whether this has anything to do with those accused or not. This is very worrying for me. It will not be easy to deal with people like this. We see where all this is going. I really have no words without a shred of compassion. We hope that the judge will be honest and fair, because there is evidence. We did not bring these people into the courtroom, but they were brought by the evidence against them.