The prohibitive measures for the accused in the "Dženan Memić" case are mitigated

Prohibitive measures have been eased, except for meeting with each other and communicating with all witnesses in the case

Alisa Mutap and the other accused during their earlier appearance at the Court of B&H. Avaz

A. Ka.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has eased the prohibitive measures against all indictees in the "Dženan Memić" case.

This information was confirmed for the "Avaz" portal from the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We find out that the Prosecutor's Office of B&H has announced an appeal against this decision.

Namely, the prohibitive measures were eased, except for mutual meetings and communication with all witnesses in the case.

The court previously ruled that Alisa Ramić Mutap was also allowed to leave the Stari Grad municipality as her place of residence so that she could go to health care facilities in the Centar municipality.

As for the remaining accused, they were banned from leaving their place of residence (exception Alisa Ramić), then banned from meeting with witnesses from the indictment and meeting each other (exception Zijad Mutap and Alisa Ramić), mandatory reporting to the police administration for Alisa Ramić, Josip Barić and Muamer Ožegović and checking the measure prohibiting them from leaving their place of residence twice a day for Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac.