Ifet Feraget: It is better for this society and state to fail, but for us to solve the Memić case

I think it is slowly being seen that justice is being done, without prejudging anything, he pointed out

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Feraget: Today's hearing was very emotional

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The trial of Alisa Ramić-Mutap, her father Zijad Mutap, two police officers Josip Barić and Hasan Dupovac, and Muamer Ožegović, an employee of the Chrystal Hotel from which surveillance cameras recorded everything, continued today with questioning of Muriz Memić, a Prosecution witness.

After the hearing, lawyer Ifet Feraget also addressed the media.

-So, approach the victim, express your condolences, apologize in advance for asking questions and because you are just doing your job, that means the legal profession. So, this is not a simple case. However, to say that the accused in this case are victims and not Muriz Memić is below the level of the Bar Code - he pointed out.

Test for B&H justice

- The words of the esteemed judge Branko Perić without any underlying intention, I have known Judge Perić for a very long time like other judges, and I can only say that this is a presentation of the highest European standards in the trial. I filed a criminal complaint against Dalida Burzić and other 44 known persons and several unknown persons on October 5, 2018. And it was based on Article 7, paragraph 2, item b.

Asking the question of what this harmful consequence has occurred and seeking proof of it means that you do not understand the essence of the legal provision. It is not enough to read the law, but to understand it, because the law is only then understood. You can read it but you didn’t understand it. Mr. Pribe recently stated that the Memić and Dragičević cases are a test for B&H justice. Therefore, to expect his report to mention ongoing cases would not be professional, but he could not help but to say what he said as a guest two months ago in a show, when he said they follow everything, and that those two cases are the test.

Judge Branko Perić repeated that today when he said that through these two murders, huge damage was inflicted on B&H justice. I do not want to prejudge, but I think that this is one big step in the right direction and what I have already said is not enough to administer justice, it should be seen that justice is administered. Ordinary citizens need to feel and see that justice is being done. So it is a small problem if you are judged by a court that is much more professional than any other court and this is the most professional court in the country. So if your problem is that you are being tried by the most professional court, then you need to say why - said Feraget.

I don't want this to happen to anyone again

- This was very emotional today, as expected. There are no problems with cross-examination, Muriz Memić has already answered that question. So when you would wake him up he can at any time of the day or night, unfortunately, and I can say that it was very stressful, a large number of judges and prosecutors followed this, and as far as I heard there were a lot of tears. So, I don't want this to happen to anyone again, not Alisa Mutap, not the lawyers, not anyone. People, we must come to our senses, do not say in vain let justice prevail and let the world perish. It is better for this society and state to fail, but for us to solve the Memić and Dragičević cases.

If we don’t resolve this, sometimes someone will remember these words. Believe me, we will stay in this same place for the next 50 or 100 years, because it will not occur to anyone after Muriz and Davor to fight for truth and justice. I warned Muriz Memić that this is a windmill, that it will last a very long time, but that he must remain calm and that he must not take any wrong steps. I think that today it is slowly being seen that justice is being done, without prejudice, all the accused are innocent until proven otherwise - concluded Feraget.


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