Edita Kalajdžić confirmed: Seb. calls - refers to professor Sebija Izetbegović

Prosecutor Džermin Pašić believes that the name of Sebija Izetbegović should be mentioned in this case because, as he said, it is about political corruption and the influence of third parties

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Edita Kalajdžić and Sebija Izetbegović

Foto: Avaz

The trial of Fadil Novalić and others, accused of procuring a hundred ventilators worth 10.5 million KM, continued today with the hearing of Edita Kalajdžić, Secretary of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the hearing, Kalajdžić confirmed that in the viber group GENSEK, in which communication took place between the Prime Minister of FB&H and his employees, the abbreviation Seb. calls refers to Professor Sebija Izetbegović, director of KCUS.

We have to give Solak wings

She explained in general what her tasks were in the workplace. Among other things, she said that she forwarded all bids that arrived at the Office of the Prime Minister of FB&H for the procurement of medical equipment and funds to the Federal Administration of Civil Protection and the Institute of Public Health of FB&H.

Before the Federal Headquarters of Civil Protection would be changed, Kalajdžić received the Viber message "Sebija: Solak will have to take power. Ventilators and tests must calm the population. This is becomin serious." Kalajdžić replied: "Call Solak, Pehar, Čerkez, Jelka by 9 AM. We must take over, give Solak wings. We must react urgently."

The communication of Edita Kalajdžić with Fadil Novalić from March 18th, 2020 was also presented. She then wrote to the Prime Minister: "Boss, talk directly to Sebija about the price of a ventilators."

Today, Kalajdžić explained for this communication that many microcredit organizations came to their office to help them find out the prices of ventilators.

Prove the allegations

The defense reacted and demanded that prosecutor Džermin Pašić stop insisting on explaining who Sebija was, because they believe that the name of Sebija Izetbegović should not be mentioned in this case. Prosecutor Pašić replied that he insisted on this because this case involved political corruption and the influence of third parties.

However, Judge Džemila Begović said that there was no need to mention third parties, and that the prosecutor should prove his allegations through evidence.

Kalajdžić said that she initialed all decisions of the Government of the Federation of B&H.

When asked by Prosecutor Pašić whether all the ministers knew that this was the procurement of the ACM812A ventilators, Kalajdžić answered:

- If it says on the decision, then they knew, if it doesn't, they didn't know.


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