Radončić after the meeting: Palmer is a well-meaning mediator who does not favor anyone except the interests of B&H citizens

Washington and Brussels are united and will be very persistent in helping B&H get out of a terribly delicate situation, Radončić said

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Fahrudin Radončić, leader of the Alliance for a Better Future of B&H, said after a meeting between FB&H opposition party presidents with Matthew Palmer, US special envoy for electoral reform in B&H and Angelina Eichhorts, director of the European External Action Service, that it was very important that Washington and Brussels are united this time.

- And they will be very persistent in helping this country get out of the situation of a terribly delicate situation. Today's negotiations were very open and we all said individually what we thought. It is clear, it should be told to the citizens that unfortunately, my regret, I have always preferred that, the indirect way of electing members of the Presidency of B&H has been dropped, that it will go directly and that these are some ideas where ethnic prefixes would be deleted - said Radončić .

Radončić did not talk about the details of the conversation from the meeting.

- What is the responsibility of the opposition is to help us reach such solutions and not to use it in some kind of election campaign. I personally think that it is a good and correct opposition. We know that someone overthrew the April package, which we all regret today with one vote more in Parliament, that someone won the elections, saying 100 percent Bosnia and Herzegovina, so when his term ended, there was no B&H anywhere, but RS was 100 percent strengthened and I think we are aware today that the government has made a step forward in mutual agreement. Of course, I am talking about SBB, we will support it where our principles are the same as theirs - the SBB leader emphasized.

Asked whether Palmer favors the HDZ over the Election Law, Radončić said:

- I think that we Bosniaks do not have too many international friends that this sympathy for us, unfortunately, melted away with the wrong policy and I think that it is very bad that part of the media makes Mr. Palmer practically handicapped, ie tries to make a handicapped negotiator. He is a man with great capacity and my precise impression is, and I am old enough, that he is a very well-meaning mediator who does not favor anyone except the interests of the citizens of B&H.

Asked to comment on the formation of more constituencies, and that in that way they could have Komšić and Čović at the same time, Radončić said:

- I think that it is a good concept that then the election campaigns will be conducted differently, that then everyone will have the right to say what they want, to run whoever they want. I would not enter into that solution because it is given on one hypothetical level. We’ll see I’m telling you, we’re not the strikers or the main creators of the story here. Unfortunately, the main creators of the story are the SDA, HDZ and SNSD, who have been designing it for years. It is our job as a responsible opposition in the Parliament and in the negotiations around them, if it comes, and it will probably come, we behave in a way that we think is best for the citizens of B&H.


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