"Ventilators" affair: Witness claims that Solak's assistant took the case about the procurement of devices and never returned them

The first to testify was Harisa Pepeljak, senior clerk for office operations in the Sector for General and Legal Affairs of the FCPA

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Fadil Novalić after the trial

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The trial of Fadil Novalić and others, accused of buying 100 Chinese ventilators at a price of 10.5 million KM, continued today with the testimony of three employees of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FCPA).

The first to testify was Harisa Pepeljak, senior clerk for office operations in the General and Legal Affairs Sector of FCPA. She specifically worked on the protocol and confirmed that on April 3rd, 2020, the proposal for the purchase of 100 ventilators was recorded, as well as the contract with Fikret Hodžić's "Silver Raspberry", which states the type of ventilators HC-VE003.

Ventilators delay notice

Answering the questions of the state prosecutor Mirza Hukeljić, she said that the contract was accompanied by a specification for the mentioned type of ventilators. The contract for the purchase of the second type of ventilators ACM812A is not recorded nor does it have acceptance stamps.

Also, according to her, the notification about the delay of the ventilators sent by Fikret Hodžić was recorded on April 22, 2020, in which the ACM812A ventilators were listed, and also the same notification with the same text arrived, recorded on April 28, 2020, and read on ventilators type HC-VE003.

It is interesting that these notices also state the sentence that the ventilators arrived at Sarajevo Airport on April 25, 2020.

Witness Pepeljak confirmed that she and her colleague entered in the record book only those offers on the procurement of medical devices and equipment that will be worked on and procured.

She printed offers

The second witness was Meliha Glavinić, FCPA economic technician. She said that on April 3, 2020, Sanita Alagić made an offer to purchase 100 ventilators and gave instructions on how to make the payment. The payment was made on the basis of a procurement offer, and not on the basis of a pro forma invoice, and this was done due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The offer was based on the HC-VE033 ventilators type.

Witness Glavinić said that Alagić came after 10, 15 days and took the complete case, which was never returned.

Fahrudin Solak said that it was not clear to him why this witness was telling lies, because when Alagić made the offer, the witness was not present and that she entered in the book of incoming invoices only what her colleague Nermina Fejzić told her to enter.

Selma Hadžić, technical secretary in the office of FCPA director Fahrudin Solak, also testified. She confirmed that all the offers that arrived in the emails were printed and submitted to the director.

She said she did not read the contents of those offers.

The trial is due to continue on December 1, 2021.

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