ISA Director Osman Mehmedagić spent 300,000 KM more than he earned

He paid all real estate in cash, as well as the renovation of the house of 94.40 square meters, located in Posavska Street

Miralem Aščić

Mehmedagić: Did he evade taxes


Osman Mehmedagić Osmica, Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (ISA) of BiH, spent 300,000 KM more than he earned, according to the financial investigation ordered by the Prosecutor's Office of B&H, "Avaz" portal reveals.

He did not withdraw money from his account at all

Mehmedagić paid 120,000 KM in cash to Šaćir Čedić, the owner of the "Vatra" cafe chain in Sarajevo, for the house he bought from him in 2017. It is a house of 94.40 square meters, located in Posavska Street in Sarajevo.

About 160,000 KM was spent on the renovation of the house and the construction of the pool.

In addition, Mehmedagić paid Asim Sarajlić, an SDA delegate in the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a member of the Joint Commission for Supervision of ISA's work, about 40,000 KM for an Audi Q5 car which he bought for his wife Amela Šehović.

All these data were determined by a financial expert and a police agency that conducted the investigation.

Mehmedagić did not withdraw the invested money from the account at all, and the investigation established that he could not even earn it. He paid in cash to renovate the house and the car.

  •  Mehmedagić's house in Posavska Street

    Mehmedagić's house in Posavska Street

    Foto: Avaz

However, the head of the secret service, who is under investigation by the Prosecutor's Office of B&H due to suspicion of forgery of a diploma and abuse of office, did not report this money at all.

This is undeclared income that is not taxed. In this way, it is suspected that he committed the crime of tax evasion because he paid everything in cash, not with the money from his account.

However, the question is where the ISA Director Mehmedagić got all this money from. It was previously established that he did not withdraw his salary from the account. The income he earns as a director cannot cover all the costs he obviously has or has had.

We remind you that in 2018. our newspaper published that the director of ISA hid from whom and at what price he bought two properties in Sarajevo, whether the payment was made from his current account to the seller's account and whether the FB&H Tax Administration assessed the property and whether he paid real estate transfer tax.

To whom did they buy real estate

It was recently revealed that criminals discovered by the Sky app to individuals in police and intelligence circles, in order to protect them from prosecution, were buying various real estate and cars. Some of them, such as the first suspect Bojan Cvijetić, former adviser to Dragan Mektić in the Ministry of Security, communicated directly with Mehmedagić's first associates.

In Cvijetić's case, to make the matter more indicative, secret ISA data was found during the search and arrest. These are data from foreign services on drug gangs in the Western Balkans, which were obtained by ISA, ended up with drug dealer Cvijetić.

Some names could shock the public

According to the information that "Avaz" has, there are dozens of people in Sarajevo, but also in Banja Luka, who bought apartments on Bjelaćnica, and Jahorina mountains, and in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. And all in elite facilities. In addition, vehicles were purchased. Mostly jeeps. The question is who got all the cash. That is why the Prosecutor's Office ordered a financial investigation in this part.

Some names could shock the public. Especially buildings where they have real estate.

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