Video / "Avaz" on the spot: Apprehension of Sado Đugum in FUP

The action refers to criminal acts of organized crime

M. Smajkić

Today, members of the Federal Police Administration brought Sado Đugum to the FUP premises in Mostar.

As "Avaz's" journalist reports from the scene, the action refers to criminal acts of organized crime.

Previously arrested

In an operation codenamed "Impact", investigators of the Federal Police Administration arrested Sado Đugum's group in the Mostar area in 2020, as previously reported by the "Avaz's" portal.

Sado Đugum has been filling the columns of Crimes&Accidents Chronicle for a long time, and he is also known to the public for endangering security.

Members of the West Herzegovina Canton police arrested Sado Seferović, who also presents himself as Sado Đugum, in April 2019 for endangering security.

Starred in the movie

Đugum was arrested after being under police surveillance for more than half a year. He was known to the public even earlier, and in the media he was presented as a member of the biker group "United Tribuns", which was also written about by "Avaz".

It is interesting that the arrested Sado acted in the film "Hajduk" about the Hajduk hero Mijat Tomić, which was also shown to audiences from these areas in European countries. In that movie, he plays a judgeship and the commander of the tobacco region.


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