Radončić: I am sure that after the elections we will get a government of opposition parties

In the interview, Radončić opposed the overthrow of the authority of the OHR, because it is Dodik's policy and desire, and what he said about his, Konaković's and Nikšić's agreement on the post-election division of positions is also interesting

Radončić in the studio of Television Sarajevo. Screenshot

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Fahrudin Radončić, president of Savez za bolju budućnost BiH (SBB), was a guest last night in a dialogue show on Television Sarajevo with the well-known journalist and host Mirza Sulejmanović.

In an interesting and dynamic interview, the SBB leader spoke about a number of current topics.

The SKY affair will shake BiH

In the beginning of the interview, Radončić referred to the topic of the BiH match against Russia, which he is convinced will not take place, and that it is a provocation by Milorad Dodik. In addition, Radončić spoke about the pre-election campaign, expectations from the elections, projects that are on unnecessary hold due to bad government or the inaction of the federal and cantonal governments, such as the heating pipe from the Kakanj thermal power plant to Sarajevo.

The SBB leader also commented on the inaction of all levels of government, on the recent messages of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Sarajevo, but also on the foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the inability of members of the presidency, Željko Komšić and Šefik Džaferović, as well as Bisera Turković, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be invited by a world leader.

He also spoke about the irresponsible behavior of certain politicians who are turning Bosnia and Herzegovina against the West, even against the administration of American President Joe Biden. Also, in an interview with Sarajevo Television, Radončić opposed the overthrow of the OHR's authority, because it is Dodik's policy and desire, and it is also interesting what he said about his, Konaković's and Nikšić's agreement on the post-election division of positions.

The SBB leader once again explained to the journalist the idea of returning 1.6 billion KM from taxes to the people in order to mitigate the consequences of the catastrophic winter that the whole of Europe is experiencing and which is already preparing crisis measures, unlike, for example, the FBiH Government, which it is headed by Fadil Novalić (SDA).

Radončić said that the SKY application will shake Bosnia and Herzegovina because, as it has been shown so far, high-ranking police officers, prosecutors, heads of ministers' cabinets are involved in this big affair...

A religious leader who underwent torture

Radončić repeated his position on the attack on the Islamic community, that is, the perception of certain opposition leaders, reisu-l-ulema Husein ef. Kavazović, who was accused of siding with the SDA. The president of SBB said that the Islamic community must be above every political situation, and that the respected reisu-l-ulema ef. Kavazović is probably the only religious leader in Europe who went through the torture of a concentration camp and retained his cosmopolitan spirit and sense of multi-confessionalism.

Watch the complete interview in the video.