Radončić: I paid dearly for the multi-decade struggle against the state mafia, but thanks to the Sky application, everything is coming to an end

The American blacklist is with each new name a new bright page for the region and BiH in the fight against the drug mafia, said Radončić

SBB Press Center

Savez za bolju budućnost BiH held a central pre-election rally for the Zenica-Doboj canton last night in Zenica. President Fahrudin Radončić was also present, who, among other things, indirectly commented on the events related to the current arrests due to the Sky application.

- The winning spirit is already felt. The ideas of Savez za bolju budućnost BiH are getting stronger and it has been shown that they are the future of our country, both in terms of development, economy, stabilization of political and inter-ethnic relations, stabilization of the entire region and, which is equally important, the establishment of the rule of law - said Radončić.

In a few months, the leader Savez za bolju budućnost BiH pointed out, thanks to all the European police and the USA, through the Sky application, many mafia and drug connections in the entire region were discovered.

- Both the first and second time when I was Minister of Security, I spoke publicly about the existence of the state mafia. I paid dearly the price of that struggle with great personal suffering and the worst attempts to discredit me and everything around me, including the SBB. It went from the publication of thousands of articles and more than 10 books against me, detention and staged trials, to attempts at tax montages and destruction in every possible way. It all turned out to be a big lie.

That is why today I can proudly say that I am not sorry, because justice reaches the mobsters installed at the top of the state, in the intelligence and police top, but also to individuals in the judiciary. The so-called American blacklist is, with each new name, a new bright page for the region and BiH in the fight against the drug mafia and in the fight for a fair and independent judiciary and a stable real system.

Now it becomes clear why I bothered them so much, why Savez za bolju budućnost BiH and some free media and brave journalists bothered them so much. I believe that this is the beginning of a major international campaign to help our country stand on its anti-corruption feet and become part of the alliance in the fight against crime of all kinds.

Individuals in the BiH Prosecutor's Office should also be recognized, because the head of the cabinet of the former Minister of Security Dragan Mektić, high-ranking officials of the ISA, recent SIPA employees are already in custody, and it is a huge step forward and great courage to order their arrest - said Radončić .

He noted that it is now even clearer why certain politicians have recently been making brutal and inaccurate statements about the Biden administration and official Washington's policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Adnan Jupić, the list holder for the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ednan Drljević and Nasir Beganović, candidates for the FBiH Parliament, Adel Sinanović, the list holder for the Cantonal Assembly, and Aldin Isaković, the commissioner of the City Board of SBB Zenica and candidate for the Zenica-Doboj Canton Assembly, addressed those present.


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