The Prosecutor's Office expands the investigation against Keljmendi's gang: The defense opposes house arrest for Sejfović and Ahmić

The prosecutor announced that they have new evidence

Lawyer Rusmir Karkin represents Anel Sejfović. Avaz

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Before Judge Tatjana Kosović, a hearing was held today in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina where the Prosecution's proposal to order Anel Sejfović and Ajlin Ahmić, members of Elvis Keljmendi's drug gang, to house arrest, i.e. a ban on leaving their residential address, as well as a ban on travel and contact with witnesses and suspects in this case, was considered.

Namely, state prosecutor Džermin Pašić clarified that Sejfović and Ahmić must be released from custody under the force of the law (six months have passed since their arrest, and the indictment has not been filed, op. cit.).

Pašić recalled the complexity of the investigation in this and other cases related to the Sky application and encrypted phones.

The organizer is not under house arrest

Announced the expansion of the investigation in this case and that the updated BIN codes of the Sky application for this group were delivered to them through international assistance. In the following period, in addition to a detailed analysis, they must interrogate witnesses and other members of the group.

Lawyers Rusmir Karkin, who represents Anel Sejfović, and Senka Nožića, who defends Ajlin Ahmić, were against ordering house arrest.

They agreed to impose travel bans and confiscate their passports. Karkin said that in today's age of digital technology and social networks, it is difficult to control contacts with witnesses and other suspects. Sejfović, as he said, has so far shown no intention of escaping.

Karkin wondered how long this investigation would last because it involves difficult and complicated expert examinations, and a new amount of data is arriving. He claimed that house arrest would actually turn into a punishment.

When it comes to the possibility of repeating the criminal act, Karkin emphasized that the suspects are aware that this case is attracting attention from the media and that a huge number of people in the investigation are working against them.

Lawyer Nožica pointed out that house arrest is more difficult for the suspects than custody in Vojkovići, because they are completely isolated and it is hard for them to bear it mentally. Nožica pointed out that house arrest is requested for them, while the organizer of the group is not even under house arrest.

A decision will be made today

Nožica emphasized that Ahmić has two children and that he has family and business ties to Sarajevo and that he never showed any intention to flee, nor did he try to influence the witnesses.

Nožica pointed out that everyone is waiting for the decisions of the court in France about what will happen with the Sky cases, but that the suspects must not suffer the consequences of that waiting.

Prosecutor Džermin Pašić reacted to Senka Nožica's statement that the prosecutors are also waiting for a decision on whether the Sky evidence is legal, saying that the Prosecution is not waiting for a decision from France, but that they have all the decisions pointing to the legality of the Sky evidence.

- The evidence was legally collected by order of the courts in France and we have it in our possession through international legal assistance - said Pašić, who emphasized that this is not the only evidence, but that the statements of witnesses and suspects in this proceeding are being collected.

Pašić pointed out that in order to protect the investigation, the Prosecutor's Office is in a situation to request house arrest for the suspects.

Nožica added that it is known that there are judgments in France, but that there is no decision for all Sky cases, except for some.

Today, Judge Kosović will make a decision on which banning measures will be imposed on the two suspects who are being released from prison in Vojkovići.