McDonald's has no intention of continuing to do business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Numerous financial frauds of Ihtijarević were discovered

McDonald's will not continue to operate in our country. Avaz

Helena Javor

After speculations appeared in the media that the Bingo group could take over the license for the popular fast food chain McDonald's, the portal "Avaz" has learned that this company has no intentions of returning to our country for a long time.

A series of scandals

We remind you that the global corporation McDonald's is filing a lawsuit against Haris Ihtijarević. His company Gliese 581g lost its license after a series of scandals. First came the judgment of the court in Sarajevo, because Ihtijarević did not pay the rent for the McDonald's premises in Titova street.

Then numerous financial frauds were discovered.

As we previously published, Ihtijarević kept quiet and decided to sell the parking space in Marindvor. It is believed that he is selling property in Sarajevo in order to leave BiH as soon as possible.

Stole water from "Avaz"

Ihtijarević, we remind you, also defrauded the company "Avaz". As a tenant of the space for "McDonald's" in Nedžarići, he stole water from "Avaz" because he was illegally connected. He did this for 12 years, causing great financial damage to "Avaz" in the amount of more than 400,000 KM.

For this reason, the management of "Avaz" submitted a criminal complaint to the SC Prosecutor's Office through a lawyer.