The battle for the illegal election of the ISA director reveals the much worse personnel messages of the SDP

The connections of interest of the former director of Lagumdžija reach the top of the SDP

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Evelin Trako

The next week will probably be crucial for the election of the new director of an extremely important institution for the security of the state and the democratic system. Of course, even lay people know that it is ISA.

According to media speculations in the game about whose rules SDP and NiP should agree on, the main names are Erduan Kafedžić, Vahidin Šahinpašić, Kenan Kapo but also Almir Džuvo.

It is known that Džuvo is not entitled to a third mandate under the ISA Act. No one, not even him.

Given that Almir Džuvo's possible proposal must also be approved by the Office for Legislation of the BiH Council of Ministers, it is difficult to expect that director Džemail Ćibo will risk criminal liability if he allows that appointment in conflict with the Law.

Precisely because of his eventual mistake, all the ministers would seek an absolution for their illegal voting and election. The rule of law is the first exam in the new convocation of the BiH Council of Ministers, but also for Ćibo.

On the other hand, the SDP president is trying in every way to bring Džuvo back into the game. The entire clientelistic-political team is working on it, and the mandate-illegitimate Džuvo is trying to present himself as the alleged choice of the American ambassador in Sarajevo, Michael Murphy.

However, in a public response, the US Embassy denied such an option. But that did not at all discourage Nikšić and Džuvo from continuing to place themselves under the alleged umbrella of American interests.

One of the main operatives is a man who is close friend of Nermin Nikšić and Almir Džuvo, and his name is Elvedin Grabovica.

The former director of Elektroprivreda BiH is known for his very corrupt mandate. But Grabovica again wants to return as the head of Elektroprivreda BiH, and Džuvo in the chair of the director of ISA is a sure protection for him in the event of a new violation of the law.

During his tenure - as revealed by the Patrija portal seven years ago - Grabovica was followed by numerous scandals, from the fact that he paid an incredible 1.9 million KM for furniture and art paintings for the headquarters of Elektroprivreda BiH, to accusations that he was damaging the EP BiH with his actions.

Then Patrija states that "Elvedin Dino Grabovica and his party boss Zlatko Lagumdžija agreed in one of the luxurious Sarajevo restaurants to sell surplus electricity with the company chosen by the controversial businessman Damir Fazlić. Fazlić, by the way, is the initiator of the cancellation of the tender in 2012. in which the EP BiH achieved very favorable prices in that year" – Patrija wrote, among other things.

After leaving Elektroprivreda, Grabovica, as some media reported, together with Lagumdžija (and some claim with Nikšić) founded the company BS Telecom. That company had a very explosive and state-resourced financial development. Grabovica and his business associates got exclusive contracts with Autoceste FBiH, but also with at least two other large public companies, and the whole figure was measured at about 20 million KM per year.

Last year, that company was allegedly sold to a foreign company, behind which, according to some sources, are the founding owners of BS Telecom and their best mens abroad.

After the candidacy of Zlatko Lagumdžija for a very important diplomatic position in New York, Almir Džuvo for the director of ISA, Elvedin Grabovica for the general director of the EP BiH, which he destroyed together with the mines in the first term, and the expected appointment of Nermin Nikšić as the new-old federal prime minister, obviously is that the SDP remains trapped in the zones of unfinished business of interest groups and voter fraud, that, in addition to the undisputed Nikšić, they will offer many new faces for key positions.

After all, the public is already significantly upset and disappointed with the Methuselah-advisors of the SDP member of the Presidency, Denis Bećirović, who gathered a politically prehistoric team in his cabinet.

The saying "get Murt off, get Kurt on" will now become "get Murt off, get Kurta back".