Consul General of BiH Mihailović: Without information about Peševski's fate, the citizen of BiH wants to return home

All cities have organized checkpoints, here in Istanbul every municipality has help checkpoint, he explains

Mihailović: There are almost 50,000 injured. Anadolu Agency / Avaz

Alen Bajramović

There is still no information about the fate of BiH citizen Angelo Peševski, who was trapped in the devastating earthquake under the ruins of the building of the company "GOPA Worldwide Consultants" in the city of Malatya, whose employee he is.

According to the Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul, Siniša Mihailović, the consulate is in constant contact with responsible persons from the Disaster and Emergency Management Office of the Republic of Turkey (AFAD).

A citizen of BiH wants to go home

- We know that rescue teams are there and we have absolutely no other information at this moment - Mihailović told us.

He adds that in the meantime, a BiH citizen who survived the earthquake also contacted the consulate.

- We were contacted by a lady who is not physically threatened, but she lived on the sixth floor and cannot return to the building where her documents were left. She is looking for a way for us to issue her temporary documents so that she can return to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We'll handle that easily. We don't have any other requests at the moment - points out Mihailović.

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is visiting the regions affected by the catastrophic earthquake today. So far, more than 11,000 victims have been reported in Turkey and Syria.

Almost 50,000 were injured

- There are almost 50,000 injured at this moment. About 6,500 buildings were demolished. More than 150,000 people lost their homes. A little while ago I saw the data that, after those devastating ones, as many as 650 subsequent earthquakes were recorded. Everything was mobilized, all the resources, Turkey got everything back on its feet, in addition to this help coming from abroad. Many rescue teams have been dispatched. All cities have organized help checkpoints, here in Istanbul every municipality has help checkpoint. People really got involved. In Antalya, Alanya, Mersin, hotels have been opened that accept people from the endangered area. All resources have been raised to the highest level - says the Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Turkey.

While the third day of the search for the victims continues, additional anxiety is caused by the information that hundreds of families are still trapped in the ruins.