DRUŠTVENE MREŽE Dvije sedmice bila u izolaciji

Greta Tunberg misli da ima koronavirus

Prije, otprilike, deset dana, počela sam osjećati neke simptome, napisala je na svom Instagram profilu


Greta Tunberg

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Greta Tunberg (Thunberg) napisala je na svom Instagram profilu kako vrlo vjerovatno ima koronavirus. 

Napisala je i kako je u posljednje dvije sedmice bila u izolaciji.

- Prije, otprilike, deset dana, počela sam osjećati neke simptome, tačno u isto vrijeme kad i moj otac, koji je putovao sa mnom iz Brisela - navodi se u objavi.  

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The last two weeks I’ve stayed inside. When I returned from my trip around Central Europe I isolated myself (in a borrowed apartment away from my mother and sister) since the number of cases of COVID-19 (in Germany for instance) were similar to Italy in the beginning. Around ten days ago I started feeling some symptoms, exactly the same time as my father - who traveled with me from Brussels. I was feeling tired, had shivers, a sore throat and coughed. My dad experienced the same symptoms, but much more intense and with a fever. In Sweden you can not test yourself for COVID-19 unless you’re in need of emergent medical treatment. Everyone feeling ill are told to stay at home and isolate themselves. I have therefore not been tested for COVID-19, but it’s extremely likely that I’ve had it, given the combined symptoms and circumstances. Now I’ve basically recovered, but - AND THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE: I almost didn’t feel ill. My last cold was much worse than this! Had it not been for someone else having the virus simultainously I might not even have suspected anything. Then I would just have thought I was feeling unusually tired with a bit of a cough. And this it what makes it so much more dangerous. Many (especially young people) might not notice any symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms. Then they don’t know they have the virus and can pass it on to people in risk groups. We who don’t belong to a risk group have an enormous responsibility, our actions can be the difference between life and death for many others. Please keep that in mind, follow the advice from experts and your local authorities and #StayAtHome to slow the spread of the virus. And remember to always take care of each other and help those in need. #COVID #flattenthecurve

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Kako je napisala, osjećala se umorno, imala je groznicu, grlobolju i kašalj. 

- Moj otac je iskusio iste simptome, ali su bili intenzivniji i imao je temperaturu - napisala je. 

Na kraju je napisala i kako se sada više-manje oporavila, ali moli ljude da razmisle o svojim postupcima i da budu odgovorni.

Više o koronivirus čitajte na linku: https://avaz.ba/tag/82572/koronavirus.


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