Mehmedagić will be left without access to classified information?

Council of Ministers initiated the procedure


Mehmedagić: Indictment is confirmed

Foto: Archive

Yesterday, Council of Ministers of B&H initiated a procedure for depriving the right to access classified information the director of Intelligence-Security Agency of B&H, Osman Mehmedagić, "Avaz" found out. 

We remind you that Mehmedagić is accused of abusing his position, and recently the Prosecutor's Office of B&H asked the Council of Ministers to initiate a procedure for additional checks, given the indictment filed and confirmed by the Court of B&H. In addition to Mehmedagic, Intelligence-Security Agency of B&H employee Muhamed Pekić is also charged. 

„Avaz“ found out that Zoran Tegeltija, chairman of the B&H Council of Ministers, informed the Ministry of Security that it was necessary to initiate an additional security check procedure for director of Intelligence-Security Agency of B&H Mehmedagić, due to "suspicion of a security breach".

If the Ministry follows the procedure, as was the case with other employees of Intelligence-Security Agency of B&H and the Ministry of Security, Mehmedagić cannot perform the function of director.



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