The purpose-built industry will exceed the plan in a pandemic

Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of FB&H Nermin Džindić

E. Halimić

Džindić: Several investments are active in the energy sector

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The purpose-built industry in the Federation so far this year has higher revenue than planned. Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Džindić said that in a conversation conducted for "Avaz".

Execution of the plan

- As far as FB&H is concerned, the purpose-built industry has a slight growth and by the end of the year we will have 100% execution of the plan, and we will exceed it. Coronavirus has affected the purpose-built industry. Already in March, with the appearance of the first cluster in "Igman", we made appropriate corrections and changes, and coordination is performed on a daily basis. There were failures of some components, but there were also increases in some other products. This year will be one of the most successful ones - Džindić explained.

Speaking about the investments in the energy sector of FB&H, Džindić points out that the preparatory works for the construction of Block 7 of TPP Tuzla have been completed.

- The Chinese partner is here and we are designing and preparing for further phases of construction. We have two problems in this project. The first is the process that is going on in the Energy Community, and that is the application that refers to illegal state aid. I think that December 7th is the new term of arbitration and we hope that we will be able to prove that this is not illegal state aid. Another problem is that the Chinese partner has reported a problem with its subcontractors, and currently an attempt is being made to find an alternative solution through the other two companies that are at the top of the world's production of electric power equipment - Džindić emphasized.

Preliminary projects

At the moment, he says, several major investments are active in the energy sector.

- Podveležje Wind Farm is in the commissioning phase, we expect trial operation of all units at the beginning of next year and connection to the system in the first quarter. Preliminary designs for the projects of the hydro power plants Janjići and Ustikolina are in progress. These two projects have their own perspective, considering the signed contracts with the Energy Community - said Džindić.

Mine analysis in FB&H

- These days we are doing analyzes of the functioning of mines in FB&H. Certain jobs have been abolished, there are no more supervisory boards in the mines. We have accelerated the decision-making and management process of the mines. Unfortunately, in the last three months we are not satisfied with the results of the new organizational scheme. We have quite bad results in two mines and we have already sent a letter to "Elektroprivreda B&H" in which we ask them to comment on the application of the new organizational scheme - Džindić pointed out.



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