Respirators paid 10.5 million KM have no guarantee

While awaiting confirmation of the indictment, new irregularities came to light

M. Aščić

Fikret Hodžić and Fahrudin Solak

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While waiting for the confirmation of the indictment in the "Respirators" case, which refers to the import of 100 respirators from China to B&H at a price of 10.5 million marks, new irregularities are coming to light, "Dnevni avaz" has learned. 

Warranty sheets

At the end of last week, the Prosecutor's Office of B&H accused the Prime Minister of the Federation, Fadil Novalić, the Deputy Prime Minister, Jelka Milićević, the suspended director of FCPA, Fahrudin Solak, and the owner of "Srebrna malina", Fikret Hodžić.

We remind you that "Srebrna malina" contracted the job and imported the respirators without a bank guarantee and any coverage. And, as we find out, Hodžić and "Srebrena malina" do not even have warranty cards on imported goods which ensure that the goods can be replaced or returned to the manufacturer in case of failure.

According to the contract with FCPA signed on April 3rd, the guarantee was agreed and promised for a period of 24 months. In this way, Hodžić guaranteed the correctness of the devices. However, as we were told from FCPA yesterday, "Srebrena malina" never provided them with warranty cards. The request was sent to the address of this company almost four months ago, but it was never submitted to the federal agency.

This means that the complete deal, worth 10.5 million KM, was contracted without any guarantee, neither bank nor quality of goods. In case the respirators, which have never been distributed to medical institutions because it was previously determined that they have a system malfunction and are violently trying to install, are not correct, the Federation will run out of money and the devices will not be able to be returned or replaced with new ones.

They knew everything

Now, FCPA, which has signed a contract with "Srebrna malina", is waiting for further outcome of the situation. Termination of the contract is not excluded either, considering that certain institutions, such as the hospital in Mostar and "Prim. dr. Abdullah Nakas ", don't want these devices at all.

Their purpose has now become almost meaningless, regardless of the new hotspot of the pandemic. And the devices were bought without any coverage.

"Verlab" is waiting for call

The company "Verlab", which was chosen to verify the respirators, as we were told yesterday, is waiting for an invitation from FCPA to start checking these devices. Earlier, the job was blocked because it had to be determined whether "Verlab" was authorized for this part of the job.

However, they are now waiting for a company from Belgrade that was chosen to perform the installation for free. The reason is that their installers were either infected or in isolation.


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