Cardinal Puljić: We have a state, but it is not functioning normally

According to him, chaos in the state is not the responsibility of the Catholic Church

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Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljić

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We have a state, we keep saying we love it, but we don't make that state function normally, they argue over whether we will procure, how we will procure, who will procure, and people are dying, it is painful and we cannot understand that, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljić, pointed out today in Mostar.

According to him, chaos in the state is not the responsibility of the Catholic Church.

-Chaos in the country is not our responsibility, we live with the people and what they experience. We have personal cases where, for example, we send a letter to the individual ministry and we do not receive a response for two years. I can't say that there is something controversial here, but simply, it is not being done. It turns out that I am attacking them here, but it is not so, we only say that what should have been done was not done, and I don't know what the point is, whether it is the politicization of some interest- said Puljić after the session of the Bishops' Conference B&H held on Friday in the premises of the Episcopal Ordinariate in Mostar.

He also added that the coronavirus pandemic is blocking the work of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-In a way, we often cannot monitor situations in the world, such as migration, but we want to do what is ecclesiastical on our part, which is why we gave our pastoral instructions on how to act at that time. I am thankful to God that we did this session with dignity and the way we were supposed to do. I would also like to say that the medical staff should be commended for the effort they put into rescuing people, especially during a pandemic, but also otherwise- said Puljić.

Bishop of Mostar-Duvno and Apostolic Administrator of Trebinje-Mrkan Msgr. Petar Palić pointed out that, in addition to the above, the topic of migrants was also discussed, as well as the way of pastoral and liturgical life in the current living conditions.

The Apostolic Nuncio to B&H, Msgr. Luigi Pezzuto, who spoke during the session about the importance of the ministerial priesthood and the need for priests to regularly and persistently feed the faithful entrusted to the Eucharist and the word of God.

Discussing the growing influx of migrants to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bishops expressed their support for the efforts of all charitable, humanitarian and other organizations that seek to help take care of these people during their stay in B&H.


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