Memić case: Alisa Mutap and other indictees plead not guilty, Muriz Memić the first witness in the investigation into Dženan's murder

As we expected, criminals will always say they are not guilty, says Muriz Memić

B. Cerić

A hearing in the case of Dženan Memić was held at the Court of B&H this morning. The indictment includes Zijad Mutap, Alisa Mutap-Ramić, Hasan Dupovac, Josip Barić and Muamer Ožegović. All the accused pleaded not guilty to all counts of the indictment.

The accused are charged with organized crime and preventing the discovery and proving the cause of the death of young man Dženan Memić. As expected, everyone pleaded not guilty.

After the hearing, the father of the murdered Dženan, Muriz Memić, addressed the public.

- As we expected, criminals will always say they are not guilty. This is an organized criminal group that is ready to commit a crime, to hide it. We managed to get to court, the trial is going on. There is a huge number of witnesses, I am glad that I will be the first witness to testify - said Memić.

He points out that the investigation in this case continues.

- This investigation goes further. There are many more perpetrators. A murder investigation will also be opened and that is a big step forward. The proceedings before the Supreme Court were pending. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will handle the case. The Cantonal Prosecutor's Office cannot because Sabina Sarajlija accepted to deny the crimes. I have positive information for that. The state prosecutor's office has shown that they want to work - said Dženan's father Muriz.

This is a protest for many unsolved murders

He also commented on the announced protest.

- This is a protest for many unsolved murders. I call on the entire public in B&H to join us, this is not just my struggle. I think I did a lot. All citizens should be the part of this. We have proved that the prosecutors, court experts, doctors are corrupted. If I need to name someone, I am appointing Delida Burzić, who told me that my son was killed, and later denied it, as proved by the Supreme Court. It was a Supreme Court decision. Dženan was killed, I think they have proved enough how much they are ready to cover up the murder - Memić pointed out.

That she was found covered in blood and beaten

tried to kill her as well. That she was found covered in blood and beaten, now not a word about it. They still live in their own world where they claim that Dženan Memić was killed in a car accident.

I want us to call on all people to protest on September 11th. When will we come out with specific requests to the competent institutions. This is a struggle for all of us. It can happen to anyone tomorrow. If the killers are not found, tomorrow we will have a new Dženan, a new David - said Arijana Memić.